Covertec case for the Palm Tungsten | T Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm Tungsten | T

There are times when it really isn’t necessary to keep your PDA in a metal
case, and when those times arrive – I keep mine in the

Tungsten | T Case
I recently received.


This case is tasteful simplicity at it’s best: A smooth-grained black leather
front and rear, accented with contrasting beige stitching. The only visible
branding is the Covertec swoosh on the front bottom right of the flip lid. The
case is held shut with a magnetic snap.

Opening the case reveals two SD/MMC slots as well as the pièce de résistance:
the snap in holder that utilizes the slots on either side of the T. Imagine this
– no Velcro, no holster with a bar that passes across the front of the T,
nothing but the pure clean lines of your unfettered PDA. Way to go, Covertec!!

Here is a better look at the clip system…

Since the bottom of the T is left completely free, it is no problem at all to
slide it out and insert it directly into the charging/syncing cradle. This will
be good news for those of you that hate removing your PDA from a case for these
necessary functions. The bad news is that there is no access to the reset button
when the PDA is in the case – so you will have to remove the T when a reset is

There is one major trade off with this case. Since you are allowed such easy
access to the PDA, you have to live with the fact that the bottom, corners, and
sides of the T are exposed. This case offers very little if any protection from
falls; in fact the only real protection it offers is in the area of the screen
and back. I like to think of it as the flip-lid that should have come with the T
in the first place.

Caveats aside, I really like this case and when my T is not in the
Proporta, I keep it in the Covertec. Of
course, I would love it if it were available in other colors than just black. A
deep forest green or a bright red would really make my day!

Price: $39.95

Clips into the slots on the side of the T – no Velcro, no cradle, pretty cool!
Slots for two SD/MMC cards
You can hot-sync your T while it’s in this case

PDA is exposed on 3 sides
PDA must be removed from case for resets


Product Information

  • Clips into the slots on the side of the T - no Velcro, no cradle, pretty cool!
  • Slots for two SD/MMC cards
  • You can hot-sync your T while it's in this case
  • PDA is exposed on 3 sides
  • PDA must be removed from case for resets

3 thoughts on “Covertec case for the Palm Tungsten | T Review”

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  2. I had ordered a Covertec for my T|T based on another review that I read, and was really glad to see this positive review. When I got it the other day, it was perfect. Slim, functional, AND able to hotsync in the case — everything I wanted.

    Great case.


  3. I recently purchased this beautiful case for my T/T and was surprised to find that my one real concern about its design has been addressed by Covertec since Judie’s review!

    My concern, after studying the photos in the review, was that the cover would press against and activate the hard buttons on my T/T when closed. In fact, an otherwise glowing review of this case on another site said this was a real problem–and now Covertec has responded.

    Look at the second photo down in Judie’s review–where you can see the entire case opened flat. What they’ve done is to insert an elevated, molded ridge in the space between the embossed Covertec name and the top edge of the cover. (In fact, I think they’ve moved the Covertec name down a bit in this latest production run, to allow a bit more space for the ridge.) When you close the cover, that ridge now rests on the flat metal area just below the hard buttons, elevating the cover just enough to prevent the buttons from being activated, even with a vigorous push. But the fit is so perfect, you would never even know the ridge is there. Bravo, Covertec!

    If you’ve been searching for a truly luxurious, top-quality case that offers protection without compromising the sleek and gorgeous industrial design of your T/T, then look no further and buy a Covertec today! It’s truly brilliant, and a downright bargain, to boot!

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