Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-12-29

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If you are using a Palm Tungsten|T, then brace yourself for the app to end all apps…a “killer app,” if you will.
Wouldn't you TT owners just love to have a program that would make it unnecessary to open up the grafitti area when you wanted to write a note or enter data? I know I did!
Enter “Jot” – Maybe some of you might remember it as a program that has been around for a while, that was supposed to help with your input by allowing you to either write using grafitti or the Jot alphabet directly on your Palm's screen (not just in the grafitti area). It “echoed” your strokes, which was supposed to make you more conscious of your writing, and therefore better at it through the use of the program.
Honestly, Jot never even caught my attention until I got the TT. All of a sudden I was wishing I didn't have to slide the grafitti area open every time I needed to write something down. Then I rediscovered Jot…and I can promise you that it is one program that will stay permanently installed on this PDA.
If you would like skip having to slide the grafitti area open over and over, then take a look at this program! :0)

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