MicroSizer R/C Car Review

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What makes a product popular? I’ve asked myself that question for the past
year after having posted a review of the Japanese
Bit Char-G radio controlled car. That review
continues to be one of the top 10 viewed pages on this site. It also has the
most active comment forum here too. It’s amazing that a ‘toy’ could have that
amount of popularity with adults. Because of this popularity, these little cars
are now being sold in the US under a different name (but are still made by Tomy).
The R/C MicroSizer which is available
thru TableTopRacers, is pretty
much identical to the Bit Char-G in every way. Instead of re-writing the same
review twice, go take a look at the Bit Char-G review and then come back here to
read about the differences.


Available in 12 different body styles, I was sent the Blue Subaru Impreza.
Like the Bit Char-G, the MicroSizer does not come pre-assembled. You must put it
together… which is actually quick and fun to do. All it involves is putting
the rubber tires on the front and rear wheels, putting the motor and wheel gear
in the correct location, snapping the heat sink cover in place, snapping the
real axel in place and then snapping the shell over the body. Luckily, instead
of having to decipher Japanese instructions to accomplish these tasks like I had
to do with the Bit Char-G, the MicroSizer comes with English instructions.


I mentioned the motor above, and just want to point out that when they call
this little car a MicroSizer, they are NOT kidding. Talk about a tiny motor! All
MicroSizers come with a 2.2 motor. 1.0, 2.2 and 2.6 motors are available as
accessories. Depending on the model, the Bit Char-G comes with a 1.0, 2.2 or 2.6
motor. (1.0 means 10,000 RPMs, 2.2 means 22,000 RPMs, 2.6 means 26,000 RPMs). By
the way – the motors are the same type that are used to cause mobile phones to

microsizer1 [Motor]

Before you can begin racing your car, you must first charge the batteries.
Like the Bit Char-G, this is done thru the hand held controller. The controller
requires 2 AA batteries that are not included. Once you pop them in, and flip on
the power, you’re ready to charge your car. To do this, you flip up the plastic
cover and snap the car onto the charging dock. A charging LED glows red for
approximately 45 secs. Once it goes out, the car can be removed and is ready to
play with.


The controller has an 18in antenna that can be extended by pulling it out of
the controller, and then retracted by rotating a crank on the back side. The
longer you pull out the antenna, the farther range you’ll have with the car. I
usually only pulled it out 12-14in or so. The thing I don’t like about the
antenna is the fact that it can get kinked if you’re not careful, and it tends
to fling around while you’re moving the controller.


To drive the car, you hold the controller between your hands and use your
thumbs on the two directional buttons. The left button rocks up and down, moving
the car forwards and backwards. The right button rocks left and right moving the
car in the appropriate direction. Steering the MicroSizer is easy and doesn’t
take much practice.


It is important to point out that the MicroSizers come in two frequencies –
27MHz and 49MHz. This is due to FCC regulations/restrictions. Bit Char-Gs come
in four frequencies – 27MHz, 35MHz, 47MHz and 59MHz. Because the Bit Char-G cars
are not FCC approved, most retailers will not carry them. What this really means
is that you will only be able to race cars with one other person (as long as
they have a car that uses a different frequency than the one you have).


The great thing about the MicroSizer is the availability of accessories that
allow you to customize your cars. You can buy different axels, faster motors,
different tires and even different body shells. For those of you that are
talented with a paint brush, there are even clear body shells that you can paint
any way you like.

The MicroSizers R/C cars will make any kid or adult happy. They are fun to play
with and small enough to hide in your desk drawer for those times when the boss
is near by. Buy two and race with a friend… they just might propel you back in
time to when mortgages and house payments were something only grown ups worried
about! :o)


Price: $29.99 – $32.99 available thru TableTopRacers

Car charger built into controller

Can only play for about 5mins per charge
Only 12 body styles currently available
Only 2 frequencies currently available


Product Information

  • Customizable
  • Fun!
  • Car charger built into controller
  • Fun!
  • Can only play for about 5mins per charge
  • Only 12 body styles currently available
  • Only 2 frequencies currently available

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