12Volt iPAQ 3600 series Charger Review

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Product Requirements:
Compaq iPAQ 3600 series Pocket PC

It’s a sad fact of life that Pocket PCs are notorious for sucking batteries
dry faster than I can spend money on gadgets! And let me tell you, that’s pretty
darned fast! ;o) So what’s a gadgeteer to do when their iPAQ suddenly starts crying for power
when they are out and about?

If they are smart, the have a 12Volt charger which is available at
StylusCentral and other fine stores.
Available for the Palm III series, V series, m500 series, Handspring Visor, Sony
CLIÉ and Compaq iPAQ 3600, 3800 series, this charger works great in a car or

Made of black plastic, the charger has a large connector and LED on one end,
and a flexible stretchy cord that extends approximately 4 feet with a power
connector on the other end. The large connector plugs into a free 12Volt
(cigarette lighter) outlet, and the other end plugs into the power outlet on the
bottom of your iPAQ.

An LED is located on the base of the large connector and glows green
indicating power when plugged in. This LED on the charger does not turn off when
the iPAQ reaches a full charge. But you’ll be able to tell the charging status
by the orange LED on the iPAQ itself. While charging, it blinks yellow (as it
does in the cradle) and will glow steady when fully charged.

This is an easy to use accessory that can be conveniently stowed in a glove
compartment for ready use when needed. Priced reasonably, this item is a must
have for all mobile iPAQ users.

Price: $19.99

Charge while you’re on the go



Product Information

Manufacturer:Stylus Central
  • Convenient
  • Charge while you're on the go
  • None

12 thoughts on “12Volt iPAQ 3600 series Charger Review”

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  2. Why didn’t you just check if water got in when doing the water tests? I don’t see the practicality of showing that you are willing to “Risk It All” with this case to the audience. If the case got f*cked up, you’d have wrote a bad review, and a short circuited iPaq.


  3. I agree Judie, this case seems very big and bulky to me. If I was mountain climbing or something like that and wanted to bring my PDA along, then I might consider looking at this Armor case. For everday use, this wouldn’t be very practicable I wouldn’t think. It is, however, very strong and will no doubt protect your PDA. 😎

  4. Masterchief,

    This case is even more protection than I need when I am working cattle at the ranch, it is that rugged. It is big – but I know that there are those that won’t care about the bulk. All they will see is the protection.

    It’s an awesome case, substantial and very well made. I think it will be interesting to hear if others have one, and how they are using theirs.

    Judie :0)

  5. Yeah,

    This thing is kinda like a safe. I bet astronauts could use them without fault on spacewalks since they are airtight. :: that might be a million dollar idea 😀 :: Pretty impressive protection is offered. 😎

  6. Well, they are airtight…but I bet there would be a pressurization problem either in space or deep underwater. 😉

    Still…I bet Armor comes out with something like that.

    Judie :0)

  7. Certainly a “modern” PDA and an Armor case like this is cheaper than a Symbol SPT1700 (or 1800, whichever type you want in the mil-std-810 PDA range) though I suspect you don’t get a barcode scanner that works through this case. And you’re not “stuck” with whatever tech level Symbol gets to – you could put, for example, one of the new arm-linux pdas in a case like this, and put it through anything…

  8. Exactly! I meant to mention that in the review, that adding this case to a “regular” PDA is way less expensive than buying a manufacturer’s version of a ruggedized PDA.

    I mean, most of those are almost obsolete the day they hit the street. They offer older features, older OSs, but then they will have the one gimmick (such as a barcode scanner) in addition to the ruggedization that “justifies” a ridiculous cost.

    But I bet you can buy a scanner, or just about any other add-on that would work through one of the POD ports…add the latest PDA…pretty nifty!

    Judie :0)

  9. A close friend was deployed recently and the Otterbox 3600 Armor went with him to protect a pda for ebooks and photos. The dust storms have been doing a number on the computers there, previously forcing rather frequent repairs or replacements. I wanted to try and avoid the same fate for the pda.

    The Armor has been keeping the junk off of his device so it can do what he needs it to do, provide a little piece of home in an otherwise unfriendly place. Same would apply in using the Armor to protect a tool for the field.

    If you are interested in seeing a picture of the black version of the device, other than what might be available from the Otterbox site, check out The Gadgeteer Spirit Contest, entry #20 here:


    The flash bleached out the photo. The grey is darker than it appears. Safe to say the Armor looks as good as it performs. You were dead on with you review as this Armor is fantastic for the purposes for which it was designed. And it sure beats an aging Symbol product or a Casio EG-800.

    Thanks for the review and the site.

  10. I voted for your contest entry at the time! Thanks for joining in the conversation. I was thinking of your entry specifically when I wrote “for military use.”

    Judie :0)

  11. The 2215 should fit inside perfectly. I am not sure about the buttons on it, as i don’t have one – but as long as you can power it on or off with a front facing button you should be in good shape.

    Regarding syncing and charging while the PDA is in the case: you can unhinge the case, leaving the PDA strapped in place and run a cable to the port when you are in a safe environment.

    Or you can use a POD piece and basically have the cable permanently affixed. While this may not sound like an attractive situation for the common user – if you are in an environment where your PDA should NEVER leave the case, this may be the best (or only) solution.

    Judie :0)

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