Vaja 755 Sync-able for the Palm m500 series PDAs Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm m500 series

You know how you get used to things being a certain way and settle into a
comfortable pattern? That’s the way I was with Vaja’s
PDA cases. The first case I reviewed from them was a Palm
V case
in April of 2000. That’s when they were new on the PDA case scene.
Now over a dozen reviews later, they go and surprise me! Don’t get me wrong, the
Vaja cases up till now have been great! But I got used to the same styles and
leather combinations. That was till they came out with their latest cases for
the Palm m505

The 755 Sync-able case for the Palm m500 series PDAs is a slipper style case
similar to their other slipper style cases. What make it different is the
interesting leather colors and stitching. The first time I saw these cases, I
thought wow, I want one of those!

The 755 comes two types. Magnetic closure and a snap closure. I’ll be
reviewing the magnetic version. Both versions are also available with a belt clip
or without a belt clip. The cases also come in a variety of colors such as: Tan
Aniline, Chocolate Aniline, Cherry Aniline, Black Aniline and Tamponato Tan. I
was sent the Tan Aniline and Tamponato Tan cases for review. The Tan Aniline has
a very fine grain and is very smooth. While the Tamponato Tan has a grainier
texture to it.

The PDA slides easily into the holster portion of the case. Due to the flare
at the bottom of the Palm m500 series, the PDA is in no danger of slipping out
of this case on its own. It’s a snug fit while still being easy to insert and


The application buttons and power button are exposed and easy to press. There
is ample room to press the buttons so that game players shouldn’t worry about
feeling cramped.


The tops of both silos are exposed, although I’m not sure why the left one is
as it is not a stylus silo. The IR port is also exposed and SD card slot can be
accessed while the PDA is in this case.

The screen cover portion of the case is has an ABS plastic stiffener to
protect the display from bumps. On the inside of the cover there are 4 SD card
slots and behind them is one large slot for business cards or folded papers.
Since the cover is held closed with magnets, you don’t want to put credit cards
or other cards that have magnetic strips in this slot. Doing so will most likely
damage that card. 

Speaking of the magnets, they are surprisingly strong and hold the screen
cover in place very well.

The outside of the cover is the part of the case that catches your eye most.
It is made of several pieces of leather and has decorative stitching that really
gives this case a sense of style. I really like this look.

The back of the case has a hole for the reset switch and there is an opening
on the bottom for the hotsync connector. You can actually put your PDA in this
case and not need to remove it as it can sync and charge while in the case. It
does take some practice to put the PDA in the cradle while it’s in the case
because you can’t see the connector while trying to do this. 

The 755 feels good in your hand. It does add a bit of thickness to the m500,
but very little width.

The belt clip version of this case is made exactly the same except that it
has a metal button sticking out of the back side of the case. A plastic swivel belt clip
is included to attach to your belt.

What can I say bad about this case? The materials, and craftsmanship are
first class as is the styling. This case protects your Palm m500 series PDA in
subtle sophistication. The only con that I can come up with is that it is
expensive. There is that saying though… you get what you pay for
I couldn’t agree more!


$67.90 – $77.90 without belt clip (price difference depends on leather color)
$69.90 – $79.90 with belt clip (price difference depends on leather color)

Attractive styling
4 SD card slots
1 large slot




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