Bic e.3 Multi Pen Stylus Review

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Product Requirements:
Any touch-screen PDA

For all you Secret Santa’s that
have been perplexed about what to buy for someone that falls under the $10
range, here is proof that there is a quality replacement stylus available for
every budget. The Bic e.3 is available from StylusCentral,
just in time for Christmas gift giving at the office.

The Bic e.3 is a multi pen that
features a ballpoint, mechanical pencil, and a bright orange stylus tip.

The black ballpoint writes just as
smoothly as any high priced pen I have ever reviewed. One thing I would like to
note is that instead of the thin metal barrel that most multi pens feature for
their ballpoint refill, this is a regular Bic sleeve of ink. You should get way
more ballpoint ink out of this multi pen, than any I have reviewed to date.

The size lead that the mechanical
pencil accepts is a 0.5. The only problem I found was that as with all multi
pens, you just can’t put more than a couple leads in the barrel at any given
time. If you do a lot of pencil work, you will definitely need to carry some

The orange stylus’ tip writes very
smoothly, whether you have screen protection on your PDA or not.

I truly can’t find any real fault
with anything about this Multipen! For the money – it is probably one of the
better values out there.

Made of colored plastic; the pen
feels sturdy, yet is light for it’s size. Colors available include orange,
blue, green, and gray. I was provided with my favorite color, green.

It is very easy to access each
writing tip; all you have to do is twist the multipen’s barrel. In between
each click, all of the points will retract. This is a very efficient and easy
multi pen to operate.

There is a nice fat pocket-clip for
attaching the e.3.

The overall size is great. It fits
comfortably in your hand, and features a rubberized grip at the bottom for your
writing comfort.

A clear colored cap on the top hides
the wide white eraser. Big enough to take care of any mistakes.

Overall, the Bic e.3 is a winner. At
the price, with all of it’s offered features – you can’t go wrong!


Price: $8.95 (Available in orange, gray, green, and


Works well

Ballpoint ink should last longer than most multi pens




Product Information

Manufacturer:Stylus Central
  • Inexpensive
  • Works well
  • Ballpoint ink should last longer than most multi pens
  • None

7 thoughts on “Bic e.3 Multi Pen Stylus Review”

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  2. I’d really like to see a review of the new Gameboy. The usual Game Boy sites don’t have the same high quality review standards. I’m sure my Yard Ape is going to be clamoring for this very soon!

  3. I’ve been working on the Scotland article all night, so I’ve only charged it up. I will play with it tomorrow and get a review asap.

  4. If you’ve ever used a Gameboy (Original, Pocket, Color, or Advance) then getting an SP is worth the price.

    I own a regular non-lit GBA, and as everyone said…Unless you are standing on the sun, it was pretty much worthless without investing in a lighting add-on.

    The biggest problem with all the add-ons (except the Afterburner which required knowledge and taking apart the GBA) was the light was not uniform. You suffered from hot spots and cold spots.

    Between the GBA and the SP release I amassed about 12 different games for my unit. Some were practically unplayable due to the uneven lighting and the color palette of the game (dark colors really suffer). After charging my SP, the games were suddenly playable. I went from an archive of 4 or 5 games to the full 12.

    The only part I worry about is the hinged opening. If there is going to be any one problem, I think this will be it.

    The only other drawback is there is no headphone jack, you need a special adapter from Nintendo (so far only available on their site) and it costs $5.

    I’ve rambled enough, and I don’t have time to do a very in depth review. 😮 But I’m still a newbie. 😀

    Overall, I would still give it a ‘Must Have’ rating. Especially with all the SNES games that are being ported to it (Mario, Zelda, etc)

  5. I got my SP last week — thanks to the internet, once one store breaks a street date, they all do!

    It’s fantastic, in my opinion. Between the internal light and the smaller size, it’s a worthy upgrade. The missing headphone jack is only a small problem — not everyone uses headphones, but everyone with a standard GBA needs a light! Something amazing: The SP is smaller and lighter than the Gamester Floodlight I was using with my old GBA…

    People have said they thought the smaller size would make it less ergonomic for people with “grown up” sized hands. Well, I’ve got good-sized hands and fairly long fingers — I’ve been told I should have been a pianist — and the SP is actually better than the original GBA for me. I got past a boss in Metroid Fusion that had been giving me fits, the first time I tried it on the SP. The new buttons have a “clickier” tactile feel that I especially like, and there’s fewer accidental presses on the L/R shoulder buttons with the SP, something that used to drive me nuts on the original GBA.

    I’ll even confess I picked up Pokemon Advance (Ruby version, since we have a dog named “Ruby”), which I’m really enjoying — though it is too easy, as several reviews have mentioned, it’s fun to play. With an on-line coupon the game was $19 at Target this week.


    p.s. I don’t use Netscape 4.7 or Internet Exploder, so I can’t order the headphone adaptor from the Nintendo Online Store. This really annoys me, since Nintendo has said they have no plans to sell the adapter through retail outlets. Sites with specific browser requirements suck.

  6. I bought the platnimum one last night at Wal Mart for $99.97 which included a free $20.00 game due to a price match with Circuit City.

    My son loves his Game Boy and he always complained about not being able to see it in the car. I upgraded to the SP and he is thrilled. Rechargable battery, back lit screen, smaller size, sound seems better…whats not to like. It has a high coolness factor as well.

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