E&B Slipper Visor Case Review

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The Slipper Visor Case by E&B
is a leather play through case for the Handspring Visor. You can get
it with or without the belt clip. This review is for the belt clip version.

Like many of the other E&B cases reviewed on this web site, the Slipper
Visor Case
is very well constructed. The leather is first grade, and
the fit is well designed. But from the moment that I slipped my visor into it, I
just didn’t like the way that the cover closed. The Slipper Visor Case
uses Velcro on both sides of the case to hold down the cover. With the Visor
having a slight curve at the bottom, the case never closed all the way. There is
nothing on the tip of the cover to hold it down. In addition, I didn’t like the
clear plastic sheet that covers the Visor’s buttons. For those of us that
switched to Visors from the Palms, the firm, snappy, buttons are high on my
click-factor scale. This clear plastic button cover removes the button feel from
the Visor, and in my opinion, it isn’t needed. That said, the case has openings
for the stylus and IR port, and is otherwise a very snug design.

There is also the issue of the Visor’s goofy cradle. (That’s right, I said
it’s GOOFY!) I can say this because it has the strangest design, and it requires
that the Visor be placed in the cradle on an angle and pushed back to make
contact with the “male” post that sticks out of the cradle. And even
though the Slipper Visor Case has all of the appropriate
openings for the cradle to sync, I could not get the Visor to make contact while
in the Slipper Visor Case unless I pushed down on the Visor
pretty hard. Perhaps this would lessen with time as the leather wore a bit. And
if you are looking for a nice leather case and only sync once per day, this may
not be an issue.

The Slipper Visor Case is the first leather case I have
reviewed for the Visor, and although there are some things that I don’t like
about it, there are some things that I do like about it. First of all it is
slimmer than some of the other Visor cases. The leather is thin, and attractive,
although it may not be the most protective of materials. The belt clip is one of
the best belt clips around, (it’s the one with the metal button instead of the
plastic one), and it doesn’t add a lot to the overall size if you want to
occasionally wear it in the shirt pocket.  And if you really want to be
able to sync all the time with it in the case, and you sync a lot, you can
always get the Visor Hotsync Cable and the “cradle fit” problem would
not be an issue.

Overall I think that I’ll keep looking for a better leather case. Unless
E&B changes the design to include something that will keep the cover closed
at the bottom tip of the Visor, I would be afraid that it would catch on
something and perhaps open while hanging on my belt.

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Price: $31.46 with the belt clip /
$28.76 without the belt clip.

Play through.
Can sync while in the case, if you use the hotsync cable.

Clear plastic covers buttons.
Velcro doesn’t hold the cover down all that well.


Product Information

Manufacturer:EB Cases
  • Play through.
  • Can sync while in the case, if you use the hotsync cable.
  • Clear plastic covers buttons.
  • Velcro doesn't hold the cover down all that well.

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