PDA Panache Custom Visor Stylus Review

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For almost 3 months now, I have been in love with my green
Handspring Visor Deluxe! Note to my wife…I love you….also! 🙂 But
if you have one of these new PDAs, you better think about replacing the stylus.
Because the one that it comes with is not any better than the toothpick that
came with the Palm PDAs. Enter the Custom Visor Stylus from PDA


All you have to do is read the reviews on this web site for
all of the other styli that they make to know that you are getting a great
product. This stylus is terrific! The tip is smooth and the stylus has a great
feel to it.  I dumped the stylus that came with the unit right away. 
Well, not exactly right away.  I held on to it just long enough to put some
scratches on the Visor screen!

I got to the point where I was afraid to use the original
stylus on the screen. I kept going to the Visor BBS sites and reading on and on
about how many people were finding the screen too soft and were piling up the
scratches. There are all sorts of things that people were doing to protect their
screen. They were even using transparencies cut to the size of the screen. But
if you have to go that far, just get another stylus and be done with it.

This Visor Stylus comes in 2 colors or styles. I am using
the Chrome Custom Visor Stylus and
there is also a Black style.   Both styli are all metal, except
for the tip, with the above mentioned finishes.   PDA Panache
really puts a lot of thought into the design of their products, and this
is evident when you look at the design of this stylus.  It has ridges
on the part that you grip that mimic the Visor’s side ridges. And the top
of the "nail head" is shaped with a depression just like the 4
buttons on the Visor.



Under the end cap is a handy reset pin. (Yes,
it’s long enough. I tried it and it reset my machine.) But the best
feature is the smooth orange tip.  I have tried a lot of styli, and
it seems that the good people at PDA Panache have a knack for quality
stylus tips. I guess the orange colored tip is one of their trademarks,
although other manufacturers make them with orange tips now. And it is
easy to see which end you are about to put to the screen, (for those of
you that would have a problem with that).  But wouldn’t it be cool
if they made the chrome Visor styli with different colored tips? How about
chrome with green, or blue?




Of course the Chrome Custom Visor Stylus
fits perfectly into the Visor’s stylus dock, and it sticks out only far enough
to be easily removed. It goes in smooth almost all the way, and then snaps in
place when it is fully inserted. It won’t fall out.


There’s not much more that I can say about PDA Panache styli
that has not already been said on this web site. They make a top quality stylus
with a great feel, and a great tip. What more can you ask for?  Oh, I
almost forgot to mention, they are affordable too!

Prices: Chrome Custom Visor Stylus

Black Custom Visor Stylus


The smooth tip.
Quality design.
Reset pin under the cap.

Not really a "con", but I like the idea of colored tips
to match the colored Visors.


Product Information

Manufacturer:PDA Panache

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