Dragon Bane Review

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Are you in the mood for some serious hacking, slashing, and exploring? If so, then Palm Creation’s new 3D graphical adventure game;
Dragon Bane might be just the diversion you need.

Dragon Bane has a huge 3D world of towns, forests and dungeons. There are 20 levels in the
registered version and 3 levels (the first three) in the unregistered version.  When
you first begin the game, you create your party. There are seven different characters to
choose from. A Knight, Dwarf, Archer, Thief, Elf, Wizard, and a Sorcerer. Of these seven,
you can choose up to five to make up your party. Each character has different strengths
and abilities which help to round out the group.

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Once you have the party selected, you then can start exploring. The software allows you to
use either the stylus or the hardware buttons to navigate. You have the ability to go
forward, backward, left, right and strafe left or right. There are streets to walk down,
buildings to go into, forests to explore and dungeons to get lost in. It’s a blast! The 4
level grey scale graphics are very well done. I found that turning the contrast just a bit
darker than usual really made a difference in the graphical detail of the game.

One thing that is a little disorienting about the game was that when you leave a building
your view is facing the direction as if you just walked out of the building. I don’t know
why this confused me, but it did.  Fortunately, there is an overhead map view that
helps you keep your bearings although the map isn’t marked to let you know which direction
is which.. Also it’s too bad that there isn’t a way to annotate the map with your own
notes. That way you could remember where certain shops were located.

db3.gif (8047 bytes) db6

What about the hacking and slashing part? Well there are monsters a plenty. Actually there
are 40 different types of monsters… spiders, barbarians, and cobras to name a few. When
you do battle with any of these beasties, your party can fight or run (you might not get
away though… and have to fight anyway). During the battle phase, each member of your
party can either attack, defend, or use an item. The battle then begins as each member of
your party tries to attack the monster(s). The monster(s) then get their chance.  One
thing that needs to be added to the display is the monster’s hit points… then you
could see if you were making any progress with your hacking and slashing! 🙂 Once the
battle is over, you’ll usually find gold and get earn experience points. You might even
find other items if you’re lucky.  The gold and experience points
are shared among the party. Items are picked up by one member of the group. You can then
either have that character equip that item or give it to another member of the group.

db4.gif (5109 bytes) db5.gif (5584 bytes)

Dragon Bane is really nicely detailed. Your characters can sleep to regenerate some of
their hit points, they can earn experience points towards higher levels. They can cast
spells to help them in battle or heal another character…. they can also find puzzles and

Since this is a BIG game, you have the ability to save and load multiple games.  Also
since this is a BIG game, you’ll need lots of space to load it in.  Dragon Bane
requires at least 212k.

Dragon Bane contains lots of gaming fun that will keep you entertained for hours.
If you enjoy D&D role playing type games, you’ll really like this one.

Price: $24.95

Great graphics.
Ability to save games.

> 200k in size.



Product Information

Manufacturer:Mythological Software
  • Entertaining.
  • Great graphics.
  • Ability to save games.
  • > 200k in size.

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