Game Buddy Review

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The Game Buddy by B.T.I is a rechargeable
battery power pack for the Gameboy Pocket.  It can run for over 22 hours per charge
when used with a Gameboy Pocket and 2 fresh AAA batteries. The Game Buddy can be
charged/used for more than 2000 hours before it needs to be replaced. Using this power
pack can save you from purchasing a minimum of 75 disposable batteries.

gamebuddy1.jpg (11673 bytes) gamebuddy2.jpg (11471 bytes) The unit is made really well. It is made out of a really strong plastic
that isn’t creaky or cheap feeling. Of course the Game Buddy does add some weight and bulk
to the Gameboy, but it is still comfortable to hold. I don’t think you’d want to put the
Gameboy / Game Buddy combo in your pocket though… I doubt if it would fit.When the
Gameboy is in the Game Buddy, none of the controls are obstructed. You can still plug in
head phones, adjust volume and contrast etc.  Games are still as easy to insert and
remove as well.


The Gameboy Pocket slides into the Game Buddy easily and is held in place
by two clips and a metal power prong that fits into the AC adapter power port on the
Gameboy Pocket. Once the Gameboy is inserted, the Game Buddy is a snug fit and there
really isn’t a danger that it will fall off.The best thing about the Game Buddy is that
it comes fully charged and ready to use!  I have always hated buying a new gizmo like
a cordless phone or something and not be able to use it till it’s charged. With the Game
Buddy, it’s already good to go.
gamebuddy5.jpg (4626 bytes) gamebuddy3.jpg (6244 bytes)

The Game Buddy contains rechargeable Alkaline Manganese (RAM) cells that provide long
lasting rechargeable power. These type of batteries last 10 times longer than regular
disposable cells, can sit unused for up to 5 yr. without losing power. They also have no
memory effect.

If you have regular batteries installed in your Gameboy Pocket, you don’t have to take
them out in order to use the Game Buddy. When the Gameboy is inserted into the Game Buddy,
the AAA battery source within the Gameboy is disconnected. B.T.I. actually suggests that
you keep a fresh set of AAA batteries installed in the Gameboy even while you’re using the
power pack. This way if the power pack is low on power, you can just pop out your Gameboy
Pocket and keep using it with the regular installed batteries while the power pack is

gamebuddy4.jpg (9142 bytes) When the Game Buddy does need to be recharged, it is just a simple matter
of turning the unit over, flipping down the two power prongs and plugging it into any
normal household wall socket. The Game Buddy can be recharged this way whether the Gameboy
Pocket is inserted or not.  Recharge time is typically overnight (8hrs or so).The
power pack has an Electro-Luminous Panel in the face so when you plug the Game Buddy into
a wall socket, it lights up like a green night light. This is pretty cool…  It
would be even better if the light turned off when the unit was fully charged.

B.T.I. recommends that you plug the unit into a wall socket anytime you’re not using
your Gameboy. This will allow you to get as much use as possible out of the Game Buddy.

gamebuddy6.jpg (7077 bytes) I like the Game Buddy and think it makes a great accessory. It saves you
money and helps save the environment as well.I’m looking forward to a Color Gameboy
version and hope that it incorporated some type of light for the screen.





Price: $29.95 (plus shipping)

Saves you from buying a 75 regular batteries.
Can recharge over and over for around 2000 hours of use.
Easy to use.

Adds some weight and bulk to your portable game system.
Light doesn’t turn off to indicate a full charge.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Game Buddy
  • Saves you from buying a 75 regular batteries.
  • Can recharge over and over for around 2000 hours of use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adds some weight and bulk to your portable game system.
  • Light doesn't turn off to indicate a full charge.

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