PDA Panache Palm III Stylus Review

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It’s great to see that the first Palm III specific accessories are starting to surface. One such accessory is PDA Panache’s Deluxe Palm III Stylus. This stylus is made of brass and weighs 50% more than the metal stylus that comes with the Palm III. It is available in black or chrome finish.  What sets PDA Panache’s styli apart from the rest is the bright orange screen safe tip. I think this is what I like best about their products. It makes writing on the Palm III smooth and easy to


A neat feature of this stylus is the reset pin that’s hidden under the screw off cap. The stylus also has fingertip grips that make it easy to hold and use.


The Deluxe Palm III stylus fits snuggly in the Palm III’s stylus holder. If you’re like me, you noticed how the metal stylus that came with your Palm III barely clicked into place. It seemed easy for it to fall out.  Well, the PDA Panache is held in place by friction instead of those tiny little plastic tabs. You’ll notice a big difference and won’t be afraid of the stylus falling out of the holder. That said, it does make the stylus a little harder to remove. There are grooves cut into the top of the stylus that are supposed to make it easy to extract. For me, it is just easier to leave the stylus sticking out a little so that I can grab it with my thumb and forefinger. Below on the left is the stylus inserted fully into the holder. On the right is how I use the stylus.

panachepiii3 panachepiii4

The Deluxe Stylus by PDA Panache is a great replacement for the styli that came with your Palm III. It is made very well and the tip is covered by a lifetime warranty. If you don’t like or have already broken the stock styli that came with your Palm III, check this one out, you won’t be sorry.


Product Information

Manufacturer:PDA Panache
  • Reset pin hidden under cap.
  • Lifetime warranty on tip.
  • Slightly difficult to remove from stylus holder.

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