I can remember when the original Rubik's Cube came out back in the 80's. I had to have one and quickly became frustrated when I couldn't solve the colorful 3D cube puzzle. I'm not too proud to admit that I finally cheated and found some step by step instructions on how to solve it. Now I [...]

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Simply Personalized has a great gift idea for jigsaw puzzle lovers.  This puzzle is only 400 pieces and it's only 18" X 12" when completed, but what makes it special is its subject matter.  To order this puzzle, you simply enter a complete street address.  The Personalized USGS Map Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle ($39.99) picture is an [...]

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... and this "World's Most Challenging Puzzle" results.  The 36 Cube is available from ThinkGeek, who likens it to a 3D Sudoku puzzle.  The game was developed by Dr. Derrick Niederman of MIT and is based on Euler's 36-officers problem.  The goal is to place the colored pieces so that each color appears only once in [...]

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Remember the Rubiks cube? I used to spend hours trying to solve that puzzle when I was a kid. Brando is offering a new puzzle challenge. It's the Gear Wheel IQ Cube. As you turn the sides, gears cause other pieces to rotate. I was never any good at figuring out the Rubiks cube (till [...]

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I've loved playing with magnets since I was a kid. I remember that anytime something in the house would break that might have a motor in it, I would snatch it out of the trash, dismantle it and retrieve the
magnets from the motor. I even had a little metal fishing tackle box with tools and scavenged magnets that I kept under my bed. I was an odd child.
:o) Now that I'm an adult, I'm still odd and I still love  magnets. That's why I was really excited to be able to review two magnetic puzzle sets. One from NeoCube and one from CyberCube.

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SuperPlexus Review

A Perplexing Positional Puzzle for Patient Persons I’m a gadgeteer.  It’s true.  Sometimes I have to have the latest and greatest no matter the cost (financial ouch).  So why am I so impressed about this $15 borderline electronic device?  Read on, I dare you! I saw this ingenious contraption at a friend’s house.  The online [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: PalmPilot Personal, PalmPilot Professional, IBM WorkPad, Palm III, Palm V, Palm Vx, Palm VII? 100K+ free RAM Desktop: N/A Robots just might be the next big thing, hobby robots are at the "Apple II" stage right now. Between the $2500 Sony Aibo and BattleBots,  robots are starting to get a lot of [...]

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