Simple Control is adding support for Amazon Echo to create a voice controlled home



If you’ve dreamed of being able to control your home with just your voice, Simple Control and an Amazon Echo will give you that power. Imagine sitting on the couch and being able to turn on the TV just by saying “Alexa, tell Simple Control to turn on the TV” or being able to turn off the lights in the bedroom after you’ve already gotten into bed just by saying “Alexa, tell Simple Control to turn off the lights”. Simple Control is a hardware and software (iOS app) system made up of a hub with Ethernet and WiFi infrared blasters. The hardware and software combo makes it easy to control your TV, lights, thermostats and more using the app, but now that Simple Control will be adding Amazon Echo integration, things will get a lot easier. I really need to get an Echo for myself to test! For more info visit Simple Control and the Amazon Echo product page.

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