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The world’s most flexible lunchbox comes from Norway

on January 14, 2014 12:00 pm


You spend time each morning carefully crafting your lunch sandwich just the way you like it, then you wrap it in waxed paper or a plastic zipper bag and put it in your lunchbag.  When lunchtime comes, you pull out your lunch only to discover your sandwich has fallen apart into a mess, with condiments on the outside of your bread and everything else stuck to the wrapper.  If you had a Compleat FoodSkin from Unikia, your sandwiches would arrive to lunch looking just as you assembled them.  Unikia says the FoodSkin “has a highly elastic silicone skin that holds your sandwich together.  It has a perfect fit for any food, and is completely flat when empty.”  Unikia is a Norwegian company, but they ship globally.  The Compleat FoodSkin is available in blue, mint, or purple for €24.95 ($34.10 US).


  1. 1
    Donald Schoengold says:

    $34 – for a lunch box!!!


  2. 2
    meistervu says:

    Well, if you pay $12 for lunch, you break even after less than a week.

  3. 3
    Jane P. says:

    But you get free coffee refills for you $12 lunch!

    You have to also add the cost of the larger lunchbox/cooler you will put your fruit and veggies and drinks into along side your $34 “lunch box”. Let’s just call it a “sandwich box”

    And you have to add the time it takes to clean out the sandwich box. I mean suppose you make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or meatball sandwiches with lots of tomato sauce. You’ll a real mess on you hands when you go to pack the next days sandwich. I mean … YUK!

    You know, I was all over the idea of a silicon “sandwich” box till you got to the $34 price tag!

    Think I’ll stick with sandwich wrap and add a couple of rubber bands to keep things in place … maybe put everything into a metal, “Super Woman” lunch box (with a matching thermos). Just like times long past.

    Or … maybe I’ll go out to lunch with my fellow workers in a sit down restaurant that serves cafe lattes.

    …. decisions …

  4. 4
    meistervu says:

    One thing about a pricey lunch box is that it guilt you into making your own lunch: you can’t justify paying $34 for it and let it sit at home.

    So in a sense, a $34 lunch box may end up saving you more money than a $10 one. Plus, if it’s well made and last longer than a $10 lunch box, it’s more satisfying to own and use.

  5. 5
    Nilay Shah says:

    What about my potatoe chips? For my lunch, this is an impractical solution :)

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