Idle paws are the devil’s workshop



A bored kitty is a destructive kitty.  With the Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer from Hammacher Schlemmer, your cat will be too entertained to have time to shred the toilet paper and up-root and chew your potted plants.  Stick the toy in a window or glass door with the industrial-strength suction cups, and the solar panel on the back will activate the toy when it receives direct sunlight.  The unpredictable bobbing and swaying of the feathers and dangling plastic ball will keep Muffin’s attention so she’ll have plenty of opportunity to exercise and practice her hunting skills without killing anything.  You can remove the rod for interactive play with your cat, and you can turn it off when the cat (or you) needs some quiet time.  It’s $39.95 and will begin shipping 5/20/13.

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