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TheO Ball – Toss your Smartphone Around for Fun

on March 8, 2012 12:00 pm

Winner of the Popular Science Best of Toy Fair 2102, TheO Ball from Physical Apps encases your smartphone in a large foam ball, and special apps  allows players to have an entertaining movement-based experience, all while protecting your phone, the players and their surroundings. Current games are Bowling, Hot Potato and Interrogo a “socially interactive game”, and the games can also pit competitors from across the web. To supplement these games Physical Apps is opening it’s APIs up to developers to make use of it’s motion sensing technology.

It is expected to be released in May with a price of $24.95. Each app will be sold separately and expected to range from $1.99 up to $4.99.

Will you be the first to volunteer your smartphone to be kicked around the room ? :)


  1. 1
    Ronald says:

    the idea is wonderful.

    Yet, my iPhone 4 is so expensive …

    Maybe, just maybe if it had a compartment to put your phone in?
    Or an extra waterproof protector?
    Maybe then I would use it to toss my expensive device around.

  2. 2
    Dmitriy says:

    absolutely stupid and useless. idea will be dead shortly.

  3. 3
    mimi says:

    How do u get ur phone out

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