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FlashHarp – Mini Harmonica with a Built-in 2GB Flash Drive

on July 31, 2011 11:00 am

The FlashHarp is a 2GB flash drive that doubles as a harmonica. Yeah, you read that right – a harmonica. It even comes with a 10 minute instructional video stored right on the drive so that you’ll be blowing “Oh Susanna” in no time. Play a tune then copy files to your computer. Just be careful that your spit doesn’t short out your laptop ;) The FlashHarp is available from Supermarket for $49.95


  1. 1
    Julius Seizure says:

    A gentleman is a man who can play the harmonica but adamantly refuses to do so. ;)

    Seriously, this whole convergence thing is really sort of random, no? I fully expect to find I can run iTunes on my gym shoes before the year’s out.

  2. 2

    I hope it records your playing in the flash drive :D

  3. 3
    Marcus Antonius says:

    Not too many electrical products out there that actualy want you to blow spit into them.

  4. 4
    Ian Lim says:

    mmm, what keys does it come in :)

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