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Pally Pals: Trapezoidal, Foldable, Bobbly & Fun

on January 26, 2011 12:30 pm

Bobble heads.  Cool, right?  How about a trapezoidal-shaped bobble head that you construct yourself by downloading a template, printing on cardstock, cutting, folding and gluing it?  Too good to be true?  Check out Pally Pal Paper Toys.  They have a growing inventory of Pal designs in several categories or download a blank template and create your own.  You can even submit your own designs to be added to the site.  Funky DYI papercraft toys.  And they’re FREE!

Got a favorite?  Who would you submit?


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    Andy Jacobs says:

    @pyro – Thanks for sharing those related links! I’m not as much into cars, but when I saw the Boba bobble head, it piqued my interest!

    Anyone else seen similar stuff?

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