Protect Your ID with Tyvek RFID-Shielding Envelopes


If you’d like to protect your cards with RFID chips – like drivers licenses in some states, credit cards, and passports – from being scanned without your knowledge, you have several wallets to choose from.  However, you can now protect individual cards without having to replace your wallet.  The practical_pats store at eBay offers Tyvek envelopes with RFID shielding inside.  They come in two sizes; one size fits a single passport, the other is perfect for a credit card.  A single passport envelope is $5.99; two are $9.95.  Credit card envelopes are $6.99 for 5, $10.99 for 10, or $15.99 for 20 envelopes.  Shipping is free.  Go to the store linked above and search for “tyvek rfid” to see the current options.

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