Philips SPA5210B/27 Notebook SoundBar

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If your laptop computer suffers from wimpy, weak speakers, check out the Philips SPA5210B/27 Notebook SoundBar.  No frequency range is specified for the SoundBar, but Philips says that it uses a Neodynium magnet system and has a Bass Reflex lower-end enhancement method.  The SoundBar is 11.6″ X 3.7″ X 2″, weighs 0.8 pounds, and comes with a carry pouch.  It attaches to the top of your laptop screen and is powered by a USB 2.0 port.  It’s compatible with PC or Mac.  You can buy the Philips SPA5210B/27 Notebook SoundBar at for $39.99.

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  • Andy June 14, 2010, 6:55 pm

    i own one and find the sound to be as good as it gets in such a tiny package. ( I also own Dynaudio speakers @ €6000/pair…:-)

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