This multi-tool is like a Swiss Army knife and a carabiner had a baby!

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octo max 7

NEWS – You guys know that I like to share interesting multi-tools that I find on the net, but this one goes beyond interesting to insane. The OCTO MAX is a titanium carabiner that is strong enough to hold 1000 lbs. But that’s not what I think is insane about it. It’s all the other features that it has! It’s a pry tool, bottle opener, jar lid popper, wire stripper, flat head screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, wrench, nail file, ruler, glass breaker, magnetic bit holder, GID plate, knife (with a Damascus blade option) and probably more that I forgot.

The OCTO MAX campaign ends tomorrow, 04/20/24, and they are well past their funding goal of $5,000. You can pre-order an OCTO MAX starting at $69, but do it quickly before the campaign ends tomorrow. Rewards are estimated to start shipping in May 2024. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

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