Mukkpet Tank foldable fat tire e-Bike review

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REVIEW – We all remember our first big kid bikes. That first hour without the training wheels was a real doozy, but once you got the hang of it, I’m sure entire summers were spent on those wheels. A simple joy and a new taste of freedom!  Now I’ll be the first to admit it’s been QUITE a while since I’ve hopped onto two wheels and rode (cough-cough-two-decades-cough), but isn’t there literally a saying about that exact situation?  So when I started hearing the buzz about electric bikes, I was bit by the adventure bug.  It’s 2024 after all, and since we don’t have flying cars (yet) let’s see how things have changed in the world of bikes since the early aughts. Will the Mukkpet Tank Foldable Fat Tire e-bike be up to this challenge and maybe even teach me a few things?

What is it?

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The Mukkpet Tank Foldable Fat Tire e-bike is, as the name suggests, an electric bike powered by a 750-watt motor with fat tires. Mukkpet has managed to fit a ton of features into a foldable design, with functional battery storage and a comfortable ride. Visually, the most striking thing about the bike is just how wide the tires are, 4 inches across with a 20-inch circumference.   Which I can attest makes for a comfortable ride on rocky terrain/pot-hole-blemished streets.

What’s in the box?

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In case you were saying to yourself, what an odd place to put together an outdoor vehicle. Well, I had every intention of unboxing this in my garage with aspirations of taking it out for a spin as soon as it was assembled, but Mother Nature had other plans- thus living room it is! The “Tank” e-bike was very well packaged when it arrived. It did take both myself and my partner to get it in the house after helping the delivery driver get it up the driveway. Tank is an apt name for this bike; this thing is heavy. The battery itself does account for a good percentage of that weight, but it is still a solid metal construction.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 2

Included in the box:

  • Tank foldable bike frame w/ fat tires, 750W geared hub motor, Shumano 7-speed gear shift, LCD Display, front headlight, rear brake light, and seat all factory installed
  • Charging cord
  • 48V 15Ah Battery
  • 2 Bike Keys
  • Pedals (Left and Right)
  • Assembly tools (Wrench, 3 Allen wrenches, and carrying nylon bag)
  • Instructions,

The box states to hold on to the packaging for 30 days after delivery, so needless to say, this box will be sitting in my basement until Christmas (just to be on the safe side).

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Design and features

As this is my first adventure with an e-bike, I was surprised at the amount of kick this motor really had. It was strong enough to zip uphill with pedal assist and go for long straightaways just using the throttle.  As mentioned before, what I found the most striking are the tires and wheels. Twenty inches across and 4 inches wide, the large surface area contributes to a smooth ride, especially when going from hard top to grass and sand.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 18

The wheels are very solidly constructed and, in our opinion, are preferable over traditional bicycle spokes. With an aluminum alloy frame, the Tank has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. However, on their website, I did notice that in one area, it says 400, and in another, it says 300, which could just be a typo.  Attaching the pedals was easy with the included wrench, and I discovered they could also be folded up.  The 48-volt and 15-amp battery is encased in the middle bar and greatly contributes to the substantial weight of the bike. The battery can be charged inside or outside the bike, making it useful if you want to charge it once you get to your destination for that peace of mind. It can easily be removed when the bike is folded and could fit in a standard backpack. If one were to use the Tank as a commuter vehicle, it would be easy to lock your e-bike up and remove the battery entirely, further discouraging potential theft.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 6

Two keys are included, which serve to activate the battery and allow the user to turn on the LCD screen. The display screen is centrally affixed to the handlebars. It is possible to scootch it over to the left or right with a screwdriver, but we didn’t find its location intrusive. Future tests may determine if there is a benefit to moving it to either side, especially if we add mirrors or a phone holder.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 9

You’ll also find the Shimano 7 Speed gear set, front and rear hand brakes, accelerator throttle, and controls for the motor along the handlebars. Before this bike, I couldn’t tell you much about gears; once I did some internet sleuthing, I saw these gears used for their reliability so for Mukkpet, this shows an encouraging focus on using high-quality materials.

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The handlebar height can be adjusted, along with the seat height, to comfortably fit riders ranging from 5’3″ to 6’4″ tall; both are very simple to adjust without the need for a tool. I also noticed the gripe on the handles comfortably conformed to my hand while riding and gave me something secure to make movements with.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 14

The seat is very average comfort-wise. Thick paddling but very firm.

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Just behind the seat is the rear carrying rack.  The instructions acknowledge that another person COULD be transported on this rear rack but shouldn’t for safety reasons. When something can get to almost 30 miles per hour on two wheels, I’d really like a seatbelt or the rest of the car between the pavement and me. A second e-bike is way cheaper than an ambulance ride, is all I’m saying. Another beautiful touch is the fenders over the tires, offering a degree of protection when riding through water or mud. As of this review, it is only available in the white color shown.

Setup and use

Mukkpet Tank ebike 24
Power indicators when the battery is outside of the box.

After getting everything out of the box, assembly was attaching the pedals, cutting the keys free, and inserting the seat stem. Assembly instructions in the manual were sparse and a little hard to follow, but there is a QR code that leads to a YouTube tutorial. From there, we needed to charge the battery for at least eight hours, so the first ride had to wait. The battery does have a red (needs charge) or green (Fully charged) indicator, and it is recommended for the health of the battery not to leave it on the charger once charged or keep it in harsh climates.

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Once the battery is charged and installed, the keys are inserted on the underside of the top tube. This is how the battery is both released from the bike and activated. Once the keys are turned, the left side of the handlebars has a little control pad with a power button, a plus sign, and a minus sign. Pushing the power button, as one would hope, powers the display screen. The green bar across the top represents how much of a charge the battery has left; as you’re riding, if you’re using the pedal assist function a lot, it will drain the battery faster and the bar will update. The information displayed can be changed, displaying stats like current speed, distance traveled, and average speed. It also keeps track of how long you’ve been riding, which is just handy. The display parameters can be customized, like switching between kilometers per hour and freedom units per hour.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 15

That’s it; you’re ready to ride. The plus and minus buttons control the pedal assist level, ranging from 0 to 5. This increases how much the motor helps you go faster and increases the top speed that the accelerator will keep you at. My partner, a much more experienced rider (and model for these pictures)  got up to 29.6 miles per hour on pedal assist level five, which blew our minds. Mind you, I thought I was flying on pedal assist level two no throttle.  The gears switch very smoothly, both the mechanical Shimano gears and the motor itself. It is a little jarring at first, but when you increase the pedal assist level, the bike gives a little jump. Once you get up to that pedal assist level’s top speed (which are listed in the manual by level), using the accelerator will maintain that speed without the need to pedal at all. The battery will drain faster, but putting it in a lower pedal assist level and physically pedaling will help extend battery life. The front and rear suspension offer a very smooth ride, even off of the pavement. The Mukkpet Tank performed wonderfully with the few hills we have in the area, just zooming up, even without pedaling!

Mukkpet Tank ebike 26

Another neat little feature is: lights! A front-mounted headlight throws a pretty decent amount of light forward and the angle is adjustable. The rear red light can be turned on for night-time illumination but also activates when the brakes are engaged. My partner was ecstatic mainly because he knew I would never remember to press a switch for lights when braking and downshifting and staying balanced, and he was more than correct.

What I like

  • Solid construction; the design and materials most certainly live up to the name Tank
  • Ease-of-use; after the initial set-up, it is super simple to learn the controls and take that inaugural ride
  • Easy to transport; it is also super simple to fold up and toss in the back of our compact-size SUV. It folds almost in half, so it shouldn’t have problems fitting in mid-size vehicles. Additionally easy to store in a garage taking up very little room.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 23

What I’d change

  • Heavy; I am grateful that it is so solidly built, but that solidarity weighs in at over 80 pounds with the battery
  • Disc breaks. With as much weight as this bike cares BEFORE the rider even gets involved, I think hydraulic breaks would make for a much safer stopping situation.
  • A rearview mirror (or mirrors); my partner took an extended ride on some main roads and reported that it would have been way more convenient and safer to keep an eye out for traffic
  • The LCD screen is very fragile and prone to scratching easily
  • It is a small gripe, but the location of the keyhole is a little difficult to find without looking, especially in the dark. If it were flipped and located on top of the top tube, it would be so much easier.

Mukkpet Tank ebike 7

Final thoughts

Mukkpet Tank ebike 22

Competitively priced at almost a grand, the Mukkpet Tank e-Bike is a significant investment. But if you’re looking to dip your toes in the e-bike pool, the Tank makes an excellent entry-level purchase, but riders of any experience level will find something to like. The motor is smooth and quiet, the screen is easy to read and operate, and it handles surprisingly well for something named Tank. I have to say it might have all the same pieces as the bikes of yore, but this is so much more. It was very much learning a new skill because after the basics of putting your foot on the pedal- it’s all new. It felt like Mukkpet’s Tank took all the things that make you apprehensive about jumping on a bike again, ie getting too tired, not being able to go as far, hills being too much on the way back, etc, and gave you a solution to get you back on a bike for the sheer fun of it. Some of the biggest struggles will come from the learning curve with such a heavy e-bike. Even with it folding, it can get very awkward balancing the weight and unfolding it at the same time. As with all things, that does get easier, but it was one of the more surprising aspects of using an e-bike. I will say, however, much like our friend the chinchilla, the Mukkpet Tank should probably be purchased in pairs. My partner has an almost permanent side eye when we go to our Sunday coffee stop, and I get to use the Tank, and he’s on analog pedals.

Price: $999.00 on sale (normally $1299.00)
Where to buy:
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Mukkpet.

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