Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker review

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Joy Pebble Ice Maker 16

REVIEW – Every year, as soon as the weather starts to get warm in the Northeast of the US, I start barbecuing. This has become a custom since I bought my home and quickly realized that my family needs to take full advantage of the backyard and the short Suner season. With something going on every weekend, I find myself running to the supermarket or gas station to buy bags of ice. A couple of years ago, I tested and reviewed 2 ice makers, but they were countertop machines that took a long time to produce small amounts of ice. What I need is a large Ice Maker that can produce ice for a group of several people for several hours. This Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker will be a cool addition to the parties.

What is it?

The Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker’s features include a self-cleaning capability, a 24-hour timer, a 33 lb basket, and two ways to add water.

What’s in the box?Joy Pebble Ice Maker 2
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 15

  • 1 x Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker
  • 1 x Water Inlet Hose for tap water
  • 1 x Water Inlet Hose(for bottled water
  • 1 x Ice Scoop
  • 1 x Drain Hose
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

  • Size:15.28 x 14.57 x 31.42 inches
  • Weight:55 pounds
  • Storage:33 pounds in about 6-8 hours
  • Power Supply: 115-120V/60Hz
  • Wattage: 250 watts
  • Daily production:100 lbs per day or 500 cup/24H
  • Ice cubes quantity per cycle: 45 Pcs/batch in about 13min

Design and features

Joy Pebble Ice Maker 3
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 6

  • 100/Day or 500 cups & 33lbs Basket Storage: Are you still worried about running out of ice, our commercial ice maker will produce 33 pounds a basket of ice in about 8 hours and up to 100 lbs in a day or 500 drinks in a day. That’s 3 times more than the traditional ice maker countertop. The large ice-making capacity of the ice machine is enough to meet your needs, which is perfect for cocktail parties, home parties, offices, bars, shops, RV, etc. Ideal for different drinks, bulk cooling, or bag ice.
  • 2-Way to Add Water & 2-Type of Placement: This ice maker commercial supports two water intake modes -tap water or gallon bottled water. You can get different tastes of ice cubes due to different buckets of water. Besides, the water source is not restricted by tap water, and the ice maker machine can be placed in the right place to make ice. It is designed to be freestanding or built-in, suitable for kitchens, under counters, etc. Perfect as a commercial ice machine and household ice maker.
  • Easy to Use & Multiple Operations: The commercial ice machine maker LED panel allows multiple operations such as self-cleaning, ice thickness adjustment, and 24-hour timer. Make ice on schedule by setting it to stop before midnight and restart the next morning. For daily cleaning, press ‘Clean’ for 5 sec to start self-cleaning and wait for 30 to complete; When you need “bigger” ice, adjust the Timer/-’ to get thin, medium, or thick ice cubes to match different drinks or uses.
  • Perfect Clear Ice In Hand: The commercial ice maker machine will produce a square ice cube that is crystal, clear,slow-melting, and fine in shape with pure clarity and density, popular for high-end bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. Besides, no matter what the weather is, this ice machine maker helps keep food fresh, makes cold drinks, and cool beers, and is the foundation of smoothies, drinks, and cold food.
  • Powerful and Safe for COMMERCIAL and HOME Use: With 15.28 x 14.57 x 31.42 inches and a weight of 55 pounds, the JOY PEBBLE commercial ice maker is equipped with a strong 380W compressor, providing a powerful capacity of intensive operation for more than daily use. Meanwhile, the commercial ice maker machine is durable and safe because of its body’s three-layer materials which include food-grade ABS, thermal insulation, and solid stainless cover.

The Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker is a medium-sized floor-standing Ice Maker that is made from metal and plastic. On the front, it features the ice basket with a see-through door and vents below, with a control module and LED display in the middle. The input and output connections and the AC power cord are on the lower back.
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 7
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 4
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 8
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 9
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 13
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 10
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 11
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 12


There are 2-ways to set up the water supply to the Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker. The included hardware allows you to connect one of the supplied hoses to a threaded faucet. This would be a temporary connection that would be connected and disconnected each time the Ice maker is used. The second option that I chose is the permanent connection by connecting to the water line. For this connection, there is an included 1/4″ hose that uses the push-to-connect connection on the back of the device, and on the other end, an inline valve would need to be installed to get water from the water line. The photo below shows my pre-existing water line.
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 14
Shown above is the inline adapter that I purchased to connect to the existing water line under my bar sink and here is a video to show what was installed:


Once I connected the Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker to the water supply it was easy to get going and to make ice. I just had to follow the instructions. I plugged in the AC cord and opened the water valve so that the Ice maker was being supplied with water. Then I pressed the on/off button and it started to make ice.

Joy Pebble Ice Maker 18
Joy Pebble Ice Maker 19

The following video shows the resulting ice production:

Joy Pebble Ice Maker 17 1
The Ice Maker produced what I estimate to be approximately 15 plus pounds of ice in about 2 hours and they were nice-sized chunks of ice. I like that I can increase or decrease the size of the ice chunks and I can also set the timer to produce the ice around the schedule of my events. This is a well-built machine and it can produce enough ice for a sizeable gathering.

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The design
  • The functions
  • The capacity
  • The water supply options
  • The ice it produces
  • the self-cleaning function

What I’d change

  • No real issues with it

Final thoughts

The Joy Pebble V2.0 Commercial Ice Maker is nice and the best I have reviewed so far. It has a nice capacity, makes nice chunks of ice, and can be hooked up to the water supply line. It has a self-cleaning function and a drain hose for emptying the remaining water. It seems to be well built and I believe that I will get many Summers of good use from it. Well done.

Price: $339.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Joy Pebble.

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  2. Looks like a nice machine but the name is misleading. I thought it would make pebble ice like in n out or chick fil a but these cubes are much larger.

    1. Hi Greh,
      Keep in mind that you can increase or decrease the size of the cubes. I just thought that the default size was perfect. I used it again this past weekend while entertaining guests for the holiday. No more trips to the store to buy ice. 🙂

      1. Does the melted water recycle itself? Is the only time you need the drain is when emptying the machine or during cleaning?

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