Kül Spark – The Water Filter + Dispenser review

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Kul 1REVIEW – Ever since I tested my first water filter a couple of years ago, I was convinced that I would continue to use them in my kitchen and basement bar for all of my drinking water. It turns out that everyone in my household agrees, including my two kids who drink more water than I have ever seen kids drink. And, they do so voluntarily. Now I get to test and review this Kül Spark – The Water Filter and Dispenser. It is a water filter with a twist because, in addition to hot, cold, and ambient temperature water, it offers sparking water that opens a lot of possibilities for just sparkling water or sparkling water with flavors. So, let’s give it a spin and see if I like it.

What is it?

The Kül – The Water Filter + Dispenser offers Cold, Ambient (still), Sparkling, and Hot water all in one.  You can create your own mocktails and cocktails without any concerns about contaminants.

What’s in the box?

Kul 2
Kul 3
Kul 4

  • 1 x Kül Spark – The Water Filter + Dispenser
  • 1 x C02 3 Pack
  • 2 x Drip Trays
  • 1 x Plumbing Install Kit
  • 1 x Ultimate Water Filter
  • 1 x Sidekick
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

Kul 6

Design and features

Kul 17
Kul 5
The Kül Spark – The Water Filter + Dispenser is the largest water filtering device I have tested and also the heaviest. Its external case is plastic/ABS, but I suspect that there are several types of heavier materials used for the internals. It features an LED touch screen, an LED logo on the top front That opens to reveal the faucet, and an LED logo as an option for one of the 2 included drip trays. Inside there is a place for the Ultimate water filter, and also for the CO2 cartridge. On the back, there are the on/off switches and the inlet for water that can be connected directly to your indoor plumbing to your water line or via the optional sidekick container. The photos below provide a closer look at the device.
Kul 8
Kul 7
Kul 11
Kul 10
Kul 9
Kul 16
Kul 12
Kul 15


In order to start using the Kül Spark – The Water Filter + Dispenser you must follow the setup process that takes approximately 15 minutes. First, you must decide if the water source will be from the Sidekick device or a direct attachment to your plumbing. Once you make your choice, the rest is a mostly straightforward process that I detailed in the video below.
Kul 13
The following video is an overview of my entire installation/setup process:


The Kül Spark – The Water Filter and dispenser perform very well.  The hot water is hot, the cold water is really cold and both taste delicious. I never thought I would describe water as delicious. My favorite feature is the sparking water which also seems to be the favorite for everyone in my home. I use flavored no-calorie, no-sugar syrups like strawberry, mango, black cherry, watermelon, etc to make the best mocktails, and I am hooked. While My initial installation was done using the Sidekick. I plan to make a more permanent connection to the plumbing line under my bar sink so I no longer have to keep refilling the Sidekick. The refilling process can be tedious given how much this Kul water filter is used in my home. Also, I really like the long-lasting CO2 cartridges and the easy replenishment program. Kul is also smart enough to provide 3 x CO2 cartridges with the initial device purchase, so while 2 cartridges are in the replenishment process, you still have one to use. I have not yet finished one cartridge, but Kul states that each cartridge will provide approximately 125 8oz servings, and I believe it.  Installing the cartridges is easy and the $75 ultimate water filter comes pre-installed and lasts for up to 350 gallons of water. The touch screen is bright, easy to read, and very responsive to the touch. IMHO, this is just a wonderful water filter with nice bells and whistles.
Kul 14Here is a short video of my first sparking taste:

What I like

  • The Beautiful design
  • The ease of installation
  • The option of the sidekick if connecting to house plumbing is not an option
  • The temperature range of the water
  • The sparkling water is great
  • The number of refills each CO2 cartridge provides
  • The easy cartridge replacement/exchange program
  • The taste of the water

What I’d change

  • Maybe a longer hose for plumbing- (This is based on my space design and may not be an issue for others)

Final thoughts

The Kül Spark – The Water Filter + Dispenser is a fantastic water filtering system that provides, great tasting hot, cold, and ambient temperature water. But for me, it goes above and beyond with the fantastic CO2 cartridge that not only produces great sparkling water, but I get to use, no calorie, no sugar syrups to make nice mocktails. I also love the CO2 cartridge prepaid replenishing program that is not only affordable ($29.98 for a 2-pack refill), but just plain easy. I am giving this Kul a well done and two thumbs way up!!

Price: $1495 – (If the plumbing to the water line is not possible – Sidekick $79.99)
Where to buy: Kul website
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Kul.

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