Best Walmart Black Friday Deals 2023:BLUETTI Solar Generator

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DEAL NEWS – The holidays are fast approaching, so it’s time to shop for the best Black Friday deals. This year, one sale not to miss is the BLUETTI Black Friday event at Walmart, with incredible discounts on their top-rated solar generators.

BLUETTI is known for creating versatile, durable, and efficient portable power solutions for outdoor adventures, home backups, and more. Their solar generators allow you to draw power from the sun for off-grid living. Now through November 27th, Walmart is slashing prices on two of BLUETTI’s most popular models.

First up is the BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station. As the industry leader in capacity and expandability, it normally retails for $2,159. However, for Black Friday, you can get it for the deeply discounted price of $1,299 – that’s a massive $860 savings!

Next is the compact yet mighty BLUETTI PS72 Portable Solar Generator. Usually $336, it’s now on sale for only $269, thanks to a 20% discount. Let’s dive into the extraordinary features of these two BLUETTI solar generators.

BLUETTI AC200MAX – The Revolutionary Power Beast


BLUETTI AC200MAX has raised the bar for portable power systems. As their debut expandable model, this beast houses a robust 2,048Wh LiFePO4 battery cell and a powerful 2,200W pure sine wave inverter to deliver clean and dependable energy.

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Featuring two expansion ports, the AC200MAX allows its capacity to be increased up to a mammoth 6,144Wh by adding two B230 (2,048Wh each) or 8,192Wh with two B300 (3,072Wh each) modules.


  • 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,800W Surge)
  • 2,048Wh LiFePO4 Battery Cell With 3,500+ Life Cycles
  • Expandable Capacity up to 8,192Wh
  • Built-in BMS for All Potential Risks
  • 7 Recharging Ways: AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar
  • 900W Max Solar Intake, 1400W Max Dual Input (AC+Solar)
  • 16 Versatile Output Ports for Every Need
  • Smart Bluetooth Control via the Intuitive BLUETTI App

Whether you require extended backup power, long-lasting off-grid use, or the capability to adapt to any scenario, this high-capacity powerhouse with 16 versatile outlets, including a built-in NEMA TT-30 and a 12V 30A super powerful DC port that can handle all your power needs.

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As the new standard in expandable solar generators, its immense power reserves and versatility redefine what portable means. When electricity is mission-critical, make the AC200MAX your new partner. With its cutting-edge design, you can conquer any challenge with confidence and convenience.

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BLUETTI PS72: Lightweight Power You Can Take Anywhere


The PS72 from BLUETTI is a hidden gem exclusively available at Walmart and other top retailers. Compared to BLUETTI’s acclaimed EB70S model, this tiny titan packs similar capacity and output at a more affordable price.

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Sporting a 716Wh capacity and 700W output like its sibling, the PS72 manages to undercut the EB70S on cost without skimping on quality or features. Since launching, it has won over BLUETTI fans far and wide with its compact design and has been well-reviewed and considered a perfect solar-powered generator for camping.


  • 716Wh LiFePO4 Power Station
  • 700W AC Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Over 2,500 Charge Cycles to 80%
  • Built-in BMS for Multiple Protections
  • Lightweight and Compact at 21.4 lbs
  • Power 13 Devices Simultaneously
  • 200W Max AC/Solar Input

This little solar generator proves that big things can come in small packages. Ideal for camping trips, road trips, or everyday backup power needs, the PS72 is a budget-friendly option without compromising on BLUETT’s stellar reputation for reliable off-grid energy.

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Though modest in size, it asserts itself as a serious portable powerhouse. The PS72 easily handles essential charging and lighting, all while tipping the scales at a mere 21.4 lbs. This makes it the perfect travel buddy for spontaneous adventures anywhere.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a homeowner on a budget, the PS72 from Bluetti warrants consideration. Small but mighty, it skillfully straddles value and capabilities.

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Bottom Line

With such significant price cuts, these deals won’t last long. Head to your local Walmart now or shop online to upgrade your home or outdoor power setup without breaking the bank this holiday season. Start living life untethered from the grid with these Black Friday generator deals.

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