MEZMOGLOBE is mesmerizing!

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NEWS – I’ve got some fidgeters in my family, me included. And fidgety desk toys draw them in. When I saw the MEZMOGLOBE, I was captivated and thought immediately that some of my family members would be too. It’s a beautifully simple orb with a smooth spiral milled into it. You spin it manually to get the mesmerizing effect.

It can spin anywhere from 30 seconds to over two minutes and is made from aerospace-grade aluminum. It uses ball bearings to achieve a smooth quiet entrancing rotation. As the globe spins one way, the carved spiral looks reminiscent of water flowing smoothly down the globe. Spinning it the other way makes it seem like the spiral is created at the base and ready to spin off the globe. When you receive your MEZMOGLOBE, it needs a few spins clockwise and counterclockwise to break in the bearings to achieve the quiet spinning effect.

There are copies of this toy available, but this is the original one that comes with a case and is often larger (54mm or 2.12″) than others. According to Kristoff Krisjans, MEZMOGLOBE creator, they manufacture this desk toy

“…to ensure the top quality that we always provide- smooth rotation, perfect surface finish, and beautiful anodized colors…Besides rotation and surface finish, there are a few other important details that distinguish original Mezmoglobe from copycats. The original Mezmoglobe has an embossed leather layer on the bottom- it protects the surface and gives a premium feel to the whole product (especially nice if you are presenting it as a gift. The other thing is that each globe comes in a beautiful custom zipper case with the Mezmoglobe logo on it (also perfect for a gift and carrying the globe protected when needed).

MEZMOGLOBE is available in titanium, silver, copper, and gold colors (the dark bronze color is currently sold out). You can purchase one from MEZMOGLOBE for $34.95. I purchased one each for myself and my husband and we both love it!

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