This is the most unique bit driver I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of bit drivers!

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NEWS – Check out the EDC Multitool from Kondor Blue. It reminds me of a futuristic pistol grip, but it’s really a multi-functional bit driver that has storage for 8 bits. You get 5 x ¼” x 1” bits that store under a Zippo like magnetic flip lid and 3 x ¼” x 2” bits that store in the end. The EDC multitool from Kondor Blue is designed for filmmakers and camera people, but any DIY person would like to have this unique tool in their toolbox. You can use it to drive or torque depending on which socket you put the bit in. The cool thing is that you can have both sockets in use with 2 bits ready to go since they use magnets to hold the bits securely in place. You also get a bubble level! Does your multi-tool have that? Didn’t think so… Want one? It’s $89 from and Amazon.

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