Pura 4 smart fragrance diffuser review

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REVIEW – Who doesn’t like coming home to a house that smells nice and inviting, without worrying about the danger of fire with candles, the messiness of wax melts or the overwhelming smells of a super strong plug-in scent warmer?  Pura has come up with a way to enjoy your favorite fragrances in a pet and kid friendly customizable way.  Read on to find out more about the Pura 4 smart fragrance diffuser.

What is it?

The Pura 4 smart fragrance diffuser, is a plug-in diffuser that allows you to personalize your scent experience with a simple app on your phone.  

What’s in the box?

Pura 4 1

  • Pura 4™ smart fragrance diffuser
  • Capri Blue Volcano fragrance cartridge
  • Anthropologie Honeycrisp Oakwood fragrance cartridge
  • Instruction and safety information booklet

What you need:

  • A power outlet
  • A phone that will connect to the diffuser via Bluetooth
  • A high-speed home internet connection with a 2.4GHz WiFi network (5 GHz is not supported).


The first thing you are going to want to do is plug the Pura 4 diffuser into a properly functioning wall outlet.  Do not plug the diffuser into extension cords.  The Pura 4 should be upright with the vial cartridge holes facing upward and the Pura logo face up and readable.  Make sure that you choose to place it in a well-ventilated area and that nothing is plugged in above the diffuser.

Next, you are going to want to do is download the Pura app to set up your diffuser.  It is easy to set up; within a few minutes, I’d signed up for an account, connected it to my WiFi, and it was up and running.  As you will see the app does a great job visually walking you step by step.  Here is what you will do:

  • Download and launch the Pura app
  • Create an account (Sign in if you already have one) to begin setting up your Pura 4 diffuser.
  • Click the button “Set Up Diffuser” and select the Pura 4 option

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  • Your app will search for your diffuser. Once it has found it, select Continue
  • Choose your desired WiFi Network, enter the password, and press Continue.
  • Your diffuser will light up with a green light once it has been successfully connected to WiFi. Press Continue in the app to proceed.

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  • Set your diffuser room by clicking the drop-down and selecting the desired room. This will make it easier to find in your device list later on. Once the diffuser has been named, click Continue.
  • Remove the magnetic cover from Pura 4 diffuser unit

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  • Unscrew the cap on the fragrance cartridge and set it aside.  You will want to save the cap if you plan on swapping out fragrances before emptying it for storage.

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  • Follow the prompts on the screen to scan the QR code on your cartridge
  • Insert the vial completely into the diffuser until you hear a click
  • Smart Vial will automatically detect the inserted scent. Press Continue.

pura 4 4

  • Click Done to complete your Pura 4 setup.
  • Replace the magnetic cover of the Pura 4 diffuser unit

Pura 4 11

Now that you are all set up, it is the fun part, it is time to customize your scent needs.

Design and features

Pura 4 12

The Pura 4, your plug-in smart fragrance diffuser, comes in a simple white design.  The unit plugs in and fits flush to the outlet, which is mentioned as an upgrade from the Pura 3.

Pura 4 13

The Pura 3 units are still available on the Pura website, however, they don’t advertise it on the main page.  Here is a slick comparison of the two units, but the main notable differences are the Pura 4 has auto vial detection and automatically detects fragrance vials, making scent recognition simple in your app, and the feature I’m most excited about is that promised as coming soon, you will be able to see the percentage of fragrance remaining at any time.  I can’t comment on this feature as it is not available at the time of writing this review.

Now let’s talk scents!  If you are like me and just not sure based on the description which scents you might like.  Pura has a fragrance quiz you can take to match up your scent likes to available scent cartridges.  This quiz I found this helpful as there are a lot of options, over 350 (with some being sold out).  However, if you don’t want to fully commit to spending the money on a full cartridge, Pura also offers sample cards for purchase to sniff before you commit as an option.

The Pura home fragrance cartridges feature many notable brands including Anthropologie, Capri Blue, Disney, Kenneth Cole, and more.  So, it is possible you already have a favorite scent that is available in the mix.

Pura fragrances are pet and kid friendly, paraben/phthalate-free, and cruelty free.  Every decision Pura makes is focused on making sure that they provide a clean and safe experience for everyone in your family, including your fur friends.  Pura is proud to promote they follow the strict standards set by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which was created to protect consumers and the environment while promoting the safe use of fragrance for everyone’s enjoyment.

So how long do the fragrance cartridges last?  The Pura 4 box says 100 hours and online it states 120 hours.  I have mine set on a set schedule and can say as of writing this review I have had over 87 hours of fragrance between the two cartridges at the intensity option of 4 & 5 and the Pura 4 is still pumping out fragrances as strong as the first day.

For my review, I did not choose my cartridges and received Capri Blue: Volcano and Anthropologie: Honeycrisp Oakwood with my Pura 4 unit.  I must say that I am pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoy both, but I’m a huge fan of the Capri Blue: Volcano.  My kids say that it smells like fruit loops, which I guess is a good description of a scent that is a “blend of tropical and exotic sugared citrus notes”.  Anthropologie: Honeycrisp Oakwood is described as having “notes of crisp fall leaves enhanced with woodland herbs, redwood tree bark, and sweet apple.”  I like having the Honeycrisp Oakwood as a morning scent and end-of-day wind down and the Volcano as a mid-day enjoyment.  Which is so easy to program in the Pura app!

In your Pura app, you have the ability to control all units that you own.  At this time I only have the one in which I have named Family Room.  As you can see, it shows me what scent is in which slot in the Pura 4.  The first thing I did was create my scent schedule.

pura 4 7

Programming a scent schedule is very simple and user friendly in the app.  You simply click on the schedule arrow.  You will be prompted to name each schedule, for me the simpler the better.  The ones here in my example are “after school” and “rise and shine”.  As you see, the app allows me to choose which days, times, fragrances intensity, and light options for each schedule.  Having the ability to really customize everything is so convenient and truly allows me to set it and forget it.  I love that I’m only needing to use my fragrance cartridges when we are home as opposed to the ones you plug in and it just goes until it is done, which should yield longer use out of each cartridge.

pura 4 6 pura 4 5

I spoke a little bit about the light feature option above.  The light option allows you to not only select the color of the light, but also how bright you want the light.  You can opt to not have any light or choose from all the options of color and brightness for each scheduled timer.  I personally like using the light on the early morning one as a night light when it’s still dark out, but what is great is- you can customize how you wish!

Pura 4 2

Maintenance and storage

Over time, as with any diffuser, fragrance oils may collect on the diffuser.  To clean, simply remove your Pura 4 from the electrical outlet and wipe with a dry cloth.  Do not immerse the diffuser in water.  If wishing to swap out fragrance cartridges, remove your diffuser from the outlet, remove the vial from the diffuser, and screw caps onto the fragrance cartridges.  Always store upright to prevent any leakage.

I have noticed from a few weeks of usage that the oils do collect in the vial holes already, so definitely something that will need to be cleaned when swapping scents in the future.

Note: although I have not had to replace my cartridges yet, you will want to allow the diffuser to cool before replacing the fragrance cartridges.

What I like

  • Simple sleek appearance
  • Holds two scents, allowing you the availability to switch fragrances simply
  • Programmable schedule and timers with the app
  • Nightlight
  • Ability to adjust scent intensity
  • Clean and safe

What I’d change

  • Lower price point on the refill cartridges (note: you do save 20% when subscribing) or maybe buy 3 get 1 free bundle option

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a safe and simple way to personalize every detail of your home scenting experience, I recommend you try the Pura 4!  I love that I am able to program the scents to specific times and at different intensity to meet my needs for that space and time in my home.  I will be purchasing at least one additional unit and I am considering them as closing gifts for my real estate clients.  I think it is worth the investment so far and let me know what you think when you inevitability go purchase one for yourself.

Price:  $49.99 Pura 4 unit + $18.39-$9.59 per fragrance smart vial cartridge
Special: Click here to save $6 off your first order of $50+.
Where to buy:  Company website
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Pura.

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