Dragonfly is the commuter scooter for thrill seekers

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NEWS – If you’ve been tempted by the convenience of using an electric scooter, but you miss the stability and power of a segway,  the Dragonfly scooter might be for you.

The Dragonfly is a new kind of electric scooter with a patented 3-D steering system that makes it more fun to ride than traditional electric scooters.  You can lean into curves and tilt your body to steer, kind of like carving on a snowboard.  With a carbon fiber or aluminum deck and adjustable hydraulic suspension, you can have a very smooth ride in the city, but you can also off-road the Dragonfly because it can handle a wide variety of terrain.

The Dragonfly also doubles down on the wheels, which offer far more stability than a traditional scooter, and two motors allows it to maintain speeds of up to 25mph or up to 32mph off-road.  It has a range of up to 50 miles.  Adjustable torque allows you to level up the power as you are a more skilled rider.

The scooter comes shipped with a complete set of tools to maintain the vehicle, and the website features a wide variety of accessories and replacement parts.

The creator of the Dragonfly, Jez Williman, said his own knee surgery led him to design the Dragonfly out of a need for vertical mobility that was also safe and fun.

The Dragonfly is available to order now starting at $3995.  A variety of financing options are available directly from Dragonfly.

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9 thoughts on “Dragonfly is the commuter scooter for thrill seekers”

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  2. E-toys know-it-all

    I thought the title said “….for thrill seekers”……4k for a top speed of 30pmh (basically locked at ebike speeds) and 50 miles range estimate? (Cut range down by 40% and you’ll have a realistic range.)

    Its basically an e-board with a scooter steering.
    This isn’t good at all. Theres way too much options that are far better for those monies than this thing.

    Looks fast and fun, slow af and expensive for nothing.
    Should have minimum 45mph speed for that.
    Also specs on paper are drastically gonna change in the real world. (Hence why taking away 30% to 40% on advertised range is the proper way to get you an idea of the ACTUAL range. Speeds usually around 10% less.)

    1. 45mph on a stand-up scooter (or anything with wheels this small & wheelbase this short) is crazy.
      Great way to keep your local ICU busy.

    2. Plus it’s on 4 wheels. It looks more like a scooter for lames plus u can lean turns on a w wheel scooter. Why make it sound like that’s something u can only do on this thing. That’s the only way I even turn anyway. Lean and counter-steer

  3. If this is for thrill seekers and off-road, why on earth would anyone choose this over an InMotion RS or Kaabo Wolf King GT?

    Both are ridiculously faster and more powerful with much more range. The Kaabo is quite a bit cheaper too.

    Both come with like real hydraulic brakes, lights, and nice displays.


    I find it pricey as well…but I think the hook that they think will catch consumers is the “carveability” angle. It’s supposed to be a really neat experience to ride. Very fun. I was supposed to try it firsthand originally but that fell through so can’t really say one way or the other how that is, however.

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