This titanium multi-tool is so cool that I want one for my EDC collection

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NEWS – Check out this little bit driver from Oknife, a spinoff from Olight who makes some of my favorite flashlights. The Oknife Otacle D1 is an 8-in-1 mini screwdriver/bit driver multi-tool that is made of machined TC4 titanium alloy and has storage inside the handle for 4 double-ended hex bits of 8 different sizes (SL3.5, PH0, T8, T6, H2, H1.5, PH2, PH00). The bit holder on the end is for low torque applications and the second bit holder which is located on the opposite end is for higher torque work. The Oknife Otacle D1 is available in silver or blue for $33.99 on Amazon.

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18 thoughts on “This titanium multi-tool is so cool that I want one for my EDC collection”

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    1. At least it looks useful for them. I can see an IT tech carrying one on a large campus – 99% of what you need to work with will be one of those. So, limited but good usefulness.

    2. Go to or go to and there will be a link there to get you to this. If it’s anywhere it’ll be there. Best a luck.

  2. I totally like it too and now I’m considering getting one for my EDC although it’s a bit pricey but I’m thinking 🤔 about it and it does look really cool

  3. Definitely, not a multi-tool just a tiny useless screwdrivers small to be much good.
    Seems like a paid promotion or now carried out to get freebies

    1. It holds multiple screwdriver bits and a screwdriver is a tool, so it’s a multi-tool. And no, it’s not a paid promotion. I just found it during one of my surf-for-cool-stuff-to-share-with-my-readers sessions yesterday and shared it.

      1. No need to explain yourself on your own platform! Some people will never have anything positive to say! Keep doing what you love.
        Thanks for sharing

      2. Lol. No. It’s just a screw driver with multiple bits. It does nothing more than to be used as a screw driver unless you are thinking a pribar

  4. Lot of people feel needs to trash anything they don’t think *they* personal want/need.
    Looks like a nice all-in-one screw-stick solution for an EDC pouch. Much better than a “traditional” multitool (try popping the bottom of a laptop with a Leatherman a couple times a day). Wish they found a way to include a pry or flat region on one end, but I see where that would have broken with the design aesthetic.
    As someone who owns a number of Olight products, I have mixed feelings on their foray into the Oknife and tool markets, but they are a solid company and I trust their products and services.

    1. I bought a multibit precision screw driver set for 8 bucks that I keep in my tool kit. My Leatherman has a different purpose. Though for #2 Philips screws the Leatherman works better as a screw driver.

  5. I love the idea, but it seems to have a very similar feature set to my current (and for the last 20 years) EDC, yet is missing so many other features. My Victorinox Cyber Tool S has covered me in the need of knives, toothpicks, a writing utensil, can/bottle opener, and more beyond just the four bit screwdriver it also has. But, to be fair, I can’t take my EDC with me on planes and into certain venues due to the integrated knives, and mine did cost 3 times as much as the Otacle D1, so I could see where this would have the benefit of being available in places as such, in a similar sized package at a much lower cost. This item is not for me, but I am glad that there are people out there making products that might be helpful to others in different situations. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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