Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus Portable AC review – Powerful on-the-go cooling to help you beat the heat!

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REVIEW – With deadly heat waves occurring across the U.S. and other countries around the world, many people are desperate to find ways to stay cool. While air conditioners work great at cooling things down, they are large, power-hungry devices that lack portability. Enter the Zero Breeze Mark 2, a portable AC unit that, when coupled with its rechargeable battery, offers convenient, effective mobile cooling relief.

I recently reviewed the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus, which includes the Mark 2 AC Unit and the Mark 2 Smart Battery at a cost of $1,499. While the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus may seem expensive, it performs remarkably well and is a worthwhile investment for those seeking respite from the heat, especially in RVs, trailers, tents, vans, and boats. And, much to my pup’s delight, it works great at keeping your furry companions cool as well.

What is it?

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a portable 2300 BTU air conditioner that utilizes a 24V Micro Inverter Compressor to cool spaces of 25 to 40 square feet in area. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus I reviewed includes the Mark 2 Smart Battery, an 840Wh Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery that connects to the Mark 2 AC unit and can power it for approximately three to eight hours, depending on usage and conditions.

Both the Mark 2 AC and the Mark 2 Smart Battery ship in well-labeled boxes with simple illustrations on the outside detailing the products.

Both units are packed safely in protective foam and cardboard inserts. The protective foam in the battery’s box doubles as a template which I’ll cover more later in the review.

What’s in the box?

  • Mark 2 Portable AC
    • Power Adapter
    • Front Air Outlet Duct
    • Rear Air Outlet Duct
    • Remote Control
    • Venting Hose
    • Drainage Tube
    • User Guide
  • Mark 2 Smart Battery
    • User Guide
    • Mark 2 AC connector cable

Hardware specs

  • Mark 2 Portable AC
    • Cooling Power: 2300 BTU
    • Cooling Rated Input: 240W
    • Rated Voltage: 24V DC
    • Modes: Ultra-fast cooling, cooling, sleep, fan
    • Wind Speed Level: 4
    • Sound Level: 52dB(A)
    • Unit Size: 20″L x 10″W x 11″H
    • Weight: 16.5lb
    • Moisture Protection: IPX4
    • Refrigerant: R134A
    • Vent Hose Exhaust Configuration: Dual Hose
  • Mark 2 Smart Battery
    • Battery Type: 18650 Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
    • Capacity: 24V 35Ah/ 840Wh
    • DC Charge Input: 18V-36V (Recommended input voltage: 21V-27V)
    • Full Charge Time: About 6 hours (with official power adapter)
    • Battery Power Output and Operation Time:
      • Ultra-fast cooling mode: 840Wh/240W=3.5 hours
      • Cooling mode: 840Wh/150W=5.6 hours
      • Sleep mode: 840Wh/100W=8.4 hours
      • Fan mode: 840Wh/20W=42 hours
    • DC Jack Output: 12V/5A Max
    • USB Type C: PD (5V, 9V ,12V ,20V/45W Max)
    • USB Type A: 5V/2A Max
    • Weight: 12lb
    • Size: 20″L x 8.6″W x 2.3″H
    • Operation Temperature: 0℃-40℃ / 32°F-104℉

Design and features

I love the streamlined, high-tech design of the Zero Breeze Mark 2. The lines and curves of the Mark 2 more closely resemble those of a racecar or spaceship as opposed to an air conditioner. The body of the Mark 2 is primarily made up of durable plastic and it’s quite sturdy.

The top of the Mark 2 houses eight membrane buttons that control the functions of the AC unit. There are controls for fan mode, “strong” mode, cool mode, sleep mode, light activation, power, and buttons to increase or decrease fan speed.

Each button is also found on the remote control for the Mark 2 and labeled appropriately.

Above the power button on the Mark 2 are LED fan speed indicators. The indicators flow into the integrated carrying handle of the Mark 2 seamlessly.

Along the rear of the handle is a long LED status light. The light shows as red or blue to indicate the AC’s status.

The front vent of the Mark 2 is located just below the controls and houses a small LED screen at its center.

The small screen displays the temperature of the air exiting the Mark 2 as well as any error codes that might occur. The vent is also encircled with a bright LED light that can be activated from the Mark 2 controls or remote.

The vent is adjustable and tilts up or down at a slight angle.

Moving around to the back of the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus Portable AC, you’ll find two additional vents.

The left vent is for cool air intake and the right vent is for hot air expulsion.

The Mark 2 comes with adapters to attach a venting hose to each vent, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the AC unit significantly.

Below the hot air outlet is the port for connecting a power source.

The Mark 2 AC can be powered via the included power adapter, the Mark 2 Smart Battery, and, with converters that are sold separately, solar panels, car cigarette lighter ports, and portable power banks.

Below the cool air intake is the drain plug for water that builds up in the unit from dehumidified air during operation.

The included drainage tube can be attached to the drain plug to route water away from the unit. This is especially useful in humid environments.

On the bottom of the Mark 2 are four rubber feet to help keep the Mark 2 level. Next to each rubber foot is a small slot for attaching the Mark 2 AC to the Mark 2 Smart Battery.

The Mark 2 Smart Battery that comes with the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus Portable AC package has the exact same design, finish, and material aesthetic as the AC unit. The battery is also the same length and width as the bottom of the Mark 2 AC with four tabs that line up with the slots on the bottom of the AC unit.

The back of the smart battery has a power button, a 12V DC power port, a USB-C port, and two USB-A ports.

The USB ports can be used to power devices other than the Mark 2 AC unit.

The back of the smart battery has a bright yellow tab that’s used to lock the battery into place underneath the AC unit.

Next to the yellow tab is a rubber plug that protects the battery’s power port used for charging the battery, connecting it to the Mark 2 AC unit, or connecting it to another Mark 2 battery.

One side of the Mark 2 Smart Battery has an integrated carrying handle much like the one built into the Mark 2 AC unit.

On the bottom of the Mark 2 battery are four rubber feet to keep the unit from sliding around when in use.

Once connected to the Mark 2 AC, the battery stays in place until the yellow tab on the back is engaged.

Both the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus Portable AC and battery together weigh about 28.5 lbs, which is quite heavy, especially if you’re trying to move it around the tight confines of a tent.

The small power cable included with the battery connects it to the AC unit.

When fully charged, the battery’s five blue LEDs will stay lit, as power drains the lights will shut off. It takes about six hours to fully charge the battery with the included power adapter.


Other than charging the battery, setting up the Mark 2 really depends on how it’s being used. For me, I intend to use the unit to cool my tent while camping, so it makes the most sense to have the drain tube and all the venting hoses attached for the best performance.

The included drain tube fits very snugly over the drain port at the back of the Mark 2 AC.

Although it’s a bit unwieldy, I found that the tube is invaluable when using the Mark 2 in any type of humid environment. Even in areas of relatively low humidity, I was surprised at how much water the Mark 2 pulled from the air.

To use the venting hoses properly, they first need to be threaded into the front and rear adapters. The tubes basically screw into the adapters using the threads inside both adapters.

The front tube adapter can be secured to the Mark 2 via a small screw hole found under a rubber plug.

Once attached, the screw holds the tube firmly in place.

The rear adapter snaps on to the Mark 2 easily with a small push-button tab on the top.

After the tubes are attached, it’s just a matter of finding the best place to mount them for proper ventilation of the Mark 2.

Zero Breeze’s decision to cut a perfect template for the venting tubes into the packing foam for the Mark 2 Smart Battery is easily one of the most ingenious and practical uses of packing material ever. The foam can be used as a temporary window mount by itself or as a template to cut a sturdier, more permanent mount for the tubes.


I was thoroughly impressed by the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus Portable AC throughout my testing. The unit quickly and efficiently cooled my small REI tent and kept me and my pup at a comfortable 70°F with the ambient outside temperature hovering between 85°F and 90°F. In the right conditions, the Mark 2 is able to lower the ambient air temperature by up to 30°F in about ten minutes.

I powered the Mark 2 both via its included wired power pack attached to the Geneverse Solar Generator HomePower ONE PRO I reviewed in September 2022 and the Mark 2 Smart Battery. Running the AC from the Mark 2 Smart Battery seemed to be slightly more efficient. The smart battery was definitely more convenient to use inside my tent since the Geneverse is rather large and weighs 38lbs by itself. Even with that issue, I liked the versatility of being able to power the Mark 2 from its own battery or from my Geneverse Generator if I so chose. This allows me to use the Mark 2 in a lot of other circumstances, like when I camp out of my truck bed instead of my tent.

I did find that it’s really important to keep the Mark 2 perfectly level when it’s running. If it can’t be kept level, it’s best to lean it backward 5-10 degrees and not forward or to the sides. Even in the relatively dry environment where I was camping, the Mark 2 produced enough water to make it an issue when I tilted the unit sideways and soaked my sleeping bag slightly.

Overall, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus delivered on every promise the manufacturer makes. The charging and cooling times as I tested them were all within the provided ranges. The unit performed exactly as advertised and if I had to pick one gripe, it’s that it does cost a lot, but staying cool can be costly.

What I like

  • Cools small areas quickly and efficiently
  • Battery life is impressive
  • Inclusion of packing foam window template is ingenious

What I’d change

  • Very expensive
  • Need to keep unit level to avoid drain leakage
  • AC Unit and battery together are quite heavy

Final thoughts

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus Portable AC is an impressive piece of technology. While it may be a bit pricey at $1499 for the bundle I reviewed, the convenience and comfort provided by this portable AC unit are pretty remarkable. The unit has multiple ways to power the Mark 2 AC, charge the Mark 2 battery, and daisy-chain power sources. This allows it to be configured for just about any scenario where portable cooling is a necessity. When coupled with the Mark 2 Smart Battery, the unit becomes quite heavy, but it gains the benefit of being totally mobile and not dependent on a wired power source. The Mark 2 is a must-have for use in small areas like tents, vans, or RVs, especially as heat waves become more common across the country. Moreover, the Mark 2 proves to be an absolute lifesaver in special use cases, such as keeping your older pet comfortably cool during her naps.

Price: $1,499 for the Plus bundle with one Zero Breeze Mark 2 Smart Battery
Where to buy: Zero Breeze and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Zero Breeze.

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  2. Beware! Poor customer service. Mine did not work out of box! Long store short, did everything asked finally had to return unit. Didn’t work but I was charged return shipping. Tried to argue but was hit with Hurricane Ian. Bad place to deal with, so many better companies to buy a unit of this type from. Do yourself a favor, pass!

  3. Michael Gonzalez

    Nice review! I bought Zero Breeze in June. My AC unit proved to be excellent in my 2020 Rubicon! Last month in Orlando, with temperatures in the mid-90s during the day and 76 at night, I placed the A/C unit on a rubber sheet on the truck’s roof. I ducted the outlet into the top of our king-sized RTT (Roof Top Tent) with a 12×12 annex. The RTT remained pleasantly cool, and the A/C unit effectively reduced the humidity in the annex, lowering the temperature by a few degrees.

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