These open ear headphones keep you aware of your surroundings and now they’re only $33.99

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TL;DR: These open ear conduction wireless headphones work by sending sound waves through the bones of your skull — allowing you to listen to music while still being able to hear what’s happening around you. Save 57% now and get them now for only $33.99.

Popping some earbuds in and jamming to your playlist — or immersing yourself in the latest episode of your favorite podcast — is probably the best way to power through a workout or get through your daily commute. But we all know that awkward feeling of realizing someone is trying to get our attention, but we can’t hear them.

If you want the best of both worlds, you should check out these open ear conduction wireless headphones. They send music right through your bones to your inner ear, allowing you to stay alert to your surroundings. For a limited time, they’re on sale for only $33.99, normally $79.99.


While part of the idea of earbuds is to tune out pesky outside noise, doing too much can pose safety risks — or damage your hearing if you’re rocking out too loudly. Instead, these open ear headphones rest on the outside of your ears and send vibrations through the bones of the head and jaw. This leaves your ears open and alert.

Comfortable, convenient, and affordable

These headphones may actually feel more comfortable than earbuds, and there’s far less of a chance that they’ll pop out and get lost (we’re looking at you, AirPods!). Made from soft, matte plastic, they sit comfortably over your ears for up to six hours of continuous listening on a single USB charge

Just like other wireless gadgets, these open-ear conduction headphones can connect to any Bluetooth-compatible device. Pair them with your phone for workouts at the gym or with your laptop to stream a movie without disturbing anyone around you. 

They’re also IPX6 water resistant, so you can still wear them during super sweaty workouts or on a walk in the rain. This rating protects them from strong pulses of water, but you probably shouldn’t wear them if you’re going swimming.

Wave goodbye to the awkwardness of a stranger trying to get your attention with these Open Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones, now just $33.99 (reg. $79.99) for a limited time!

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