Grab this 10.1 inch Android tablet while it’s 60% off

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DEAL NEWS – It looks like many companies are rolling out their deals ahead of Prime Day which starts tomorrow (7/11/2023) and this one is for a Blackview 8 WiFi Tablet which features a 10.1 inch IPS display, Quad-core processor, 7GB of RAM that can be expanded using a microSD card, dual cameras, and a 6580mAh battery. This tablet runs Android 12 so it is one version behind the latest version available on some Android tablets, but the price is nice and the reviews are favorable. If you’re looking for a budget Android tablet, check this one out.
Where to buy: Amazon
Original Price: $299.99
Discount: %60 code
Deal Price: $113.99
Coupon Code: TAB8WIFI6USD
Deal End Date: 07-13-2023 23:59:00 PDT

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11 thoughts on “Grab this 10.1 inch Android tablet while it’s 60% off”

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  2. I had a Blackview mobile phone and thought it was a great deal to begin with and was recommending them to many people. After a few months adverts begin popping up on the phone blocking my use until I cleared them. And these adverts were persistent and could automatically charge you through your phone bill. The adverts became so bad one rapidly after another that the phone was practically useless. Friends who had also bought the phone were experiencing the same thing and dumped them. I will not be buying Blackview again.

    1. Yes, that’s good to know. I wonder if they do the same with tablets. I didn’t see this mentioned in the Amazon reviews that I looked at – but I didn’t check all the reviews. I just scrolled through several.

    2. I’ve had Black view phones since 2017 and never heard of, or experienced this. Maybe it was something in your settings or an advert that you clicked on.
      I’m on my sixth phone and would never choose a “popular” phone make again

  3. Robert Kilbride-Newman

    I have had a blackview phone for 3 years and a tablet. I have never experienced the problem above. Just recently changed phone to a vivo, only because the blackview stopped charging.

  4. I just bought that one for my grandmother at $89 (US) because her old tablet stopped charging.
    It runs a bit sluggish. It has 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage, the extra mysterious 3gb is “virtual memory” where 3gb of that 64gb storage becomes a swap file.
    It charges fairly fast, the screen is nice and bright, the battery lasts, and the speakers were a lot better than I expected them to be. So, at the price I paid I really can’t complain. I just wish they were a bit more honest regarding the internal ram as it is being advertised.

    1. I see no decent recearch by the author… No notta zero tabs have 7 gig of memory. And memory is not expandable by SD card , only the storage. Author basically saw a sale and said by it…that is a diservice in tech recommendations and unless she changes that she should give up tech recommendations.

    1. it partitions part of the internal storage and accesses as ram. it isn’t the same though. i have a OnePlus Nord N200 5G and it has the ram expansion feature and honestly im not sure if i notice a difference on the OnePlus. But i also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Ultra and it has ram expansion as well and i do notice a difference from having just the factory ram running and the ram expansion. but Samsung has to have better software engineers and they most likely coded it better for Samsung

  5. beware of these borderline scams. companies are posting low-end and budget laptops, tablets and phones that are extremely overpriced but marked down by huge percentages.
    the actuality is that they are artificially priced high and purposefully reduced so that the cost of the consumer turns out to exactly what the device normally sells for.
    for instance this is a good example of a device that would never be priced at $300. You’d be able to match the specs on a device like this for sub $100 at a Walmart or Best Buy. more and more of these ads are popping up on online marketing platforms such as this website as seeing more income from commissions can be a tempting incentive to “put aside” editorial standards and purposefully mislead users. Just be sure to do your own comparisons before clicking buy. You’re paying regular price.

    1. I have research dozens of these deep discounted devices with exaggerated specs from emails or online ads, and it is always the same, a reputable seller such as Amazon, Walmart, Target or Best Buy can match or better a device with the same equal or better specs and price and a solid GUARANTEE. They care about their reputation, the off-brand sellers don’t. I have been assembling and using computers since 1958, and disappointed that the industry is allowing these scammers to thrive. An effective online PR program should be instituted to educate the public.

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