Exceed Designs TiRant Razor V3 titanium utility knife review – the best EDC yet?

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REVIEW – I’ve owned and reviewed oodles of knives but I always seem to use my $5 utility knife when opening boxes or cleaning up 3d prints or just whenever I need a super sharp edge. I was looking for a super small utility blade holder (I even 3d printed a few) and found the Exceed Designs TiRant Razor V3 and decided to take a chance. Let’s see what it can do.

What is it?

The Exceed Designs TiRant Razor is a low profile titanium utility knife with a flipper opening and easy tool free blade exchanges. It accepts 99% of the trapezoidal blade styles whether 2, 3, or 4 notch and also comes in black or you can customize it with carbon fiber scales and an optional rear pry bar.

Exceed Designs TiRant 02

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Fully assembled TiRant Razor V3 with Lenox Gold bi-metal blade installed
  • 1x Spare lock bar insert
  • 1x Spare T8 center collar nut
  • 1x Square center screw
  • 4x T6 screw replacements
  • 1x Exceed Designs Pro S2 MetalT6/T8 Torx tool
  • 10x Generic razor blades
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • Stickers

Hardware specs

  • Weight with Blade: 2.4oz
  • Handle Height: 0.88”
  • Handle Width: 0.40”
  • Handle Length: 3.42”
  • Total Length: 6.12”
  • Usable Razor Blade Length: 1.45” or 36mm
  • Lock Mechanism: Liner lock
  • Opener: Standard flipper
  • Pocket Clip: Stainless steel, 53mm, tip up
  • Handles, rear spacer, and optional rear pry bar are 6AL-4V grade titanium
  • Blade holder is high grade stainless steel (required for elasticity of quick release)

Design and features

I purchased the Exceed Designs TiRant V3 for personal use and had no intention of reviewing it. I actually tried to cancel the order because Amazon said there was a four week ship time and it was $85 which is a lot for a utility knife. However, Josh from Exceed Designs emailed me and said he had one ready to ship that day if I still wanted it. This was still $85 for a utility blade holder and thought I could just find something cheaper but decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did. Check out my quick video review below.

When I first opened the package and picked up the TiRant Razor V3 knife I knew it was well worth the price and is even a deal considering how prices have gone up on everything.

The Exceed Designs TiRant Razor V3 is super lightweight owing to its skeletonized titanium handle and rear spacer. It is very slim and compact but still a usable and comfortable size in the hand.

I would expect this type of fit and finish from the higher end knife makers. There is no play in the blade or lock, there is near zero tolerance everywhere. I could not find a part that did not fit perfectly to the next. This TiRant Razor is version 3 so there have been improvements from the V1 and V2.

Some of which are dual caged ceramic bearings which is why it opens so smoothly. Dual notch high grade stainless steel blade holder mechanism has a slightly raised release button for easier blade changes. The stop pin diameter has increased from 1.84mm to 2.34mm. Custom CNC milled square pivot bolt for easier maintenance and dual screw locker insert for more solid lock up.

The more I handle the Exceed Designs TiRant V3 the more impressed I am with it. This is such a well thought out and designed blade holder that honestly I am surprised it hasn’t been copied yet. It’s the only titanium blade holder I could find that is a flipper, tool free blade changes, and has a pocket clip.

I did see some other retractable titanium sliders such as the James Brand Palmer (no pocket clip) or Aerocrafted Sideslip Utility Knife (not as much usable edge and $98) but they just didn’t fit what I was looking for. If you are looking for a slider Exceed Designs has a new TiRant Razor-M 3.0 Maglock Utility knife that looks super cool and uses magnets to keep the blade locked so check that out here.

The Exceed Designs TiRant V3 also allows the use of over half the blade edge. Most other blade holders I found would only expose 10-15mm of the blade tip. Being able to use 36mm out of a 60mm blade maximizes every bit of edge so when you flip it around you will end up using the whole blade. Tool free blade changes allow increased flexibility as well based on the job. If I’m cutting a lot of zip ties I can swap the blade for a concave or hooked blade in seconds or another swap again for a serrated blade.

 What I like

  • Super high quality
  • Best combination of form and function

What I’d change

  • Add jimping to the flipper
  • Maybe add a thumbstud on version 4?
  • Instead of a pry bar maybe a bottle opener?

Final thoughts

Exceed Designs is a brand I will keep an eye on from now on. Especially as they are committed to improving their products which is evident in the TiRant V3. Maybe a thumbstud and bottle opener? And that’s the best thing is that any future improvements are likely retrofit-able to your V3 and replacement parts are also available. They have created some very unique and extremely well made EDC tools. I love the TiRant Razor V3 and will have to get their new Razor-M 3.0 Maglock. I am still shocked at the quality and finish and how elegant they have made a utility knife look that functions even better. Exceed Designs may have made the most perfect EDC utility knife I have used yet so definitely check them out and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

Price: $80.00
Where to buy: Exceed Designs website or $85 on Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was personally purchased by myself at full price.

2 thoughts on “Exceed Designs TiRant Razor V3 titanium utility knife review – the best EDC yet?”

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  2. That looks really nice. The Dual Action OTF Utility Knives are really nice as well. They can be sourced from a number of places. Here is one on Amazon.
    Caressolove Aviation Aluminum Utility Knife, EDC Automatically Retracts Box Cutter, Replaceable Blade Pocket Knife With 5pcs Spare Blades https://a.co/d/i0v8YRx

  3. I can’t say enough about the TiRant v3. I bought one of these a few months ago and it is literally true that, except for a 24 hour period when I’d misplaced it, it hasn’t left my pocket or my hand since. Everything is 5/5, maybe 5.5/5: materials, design, manufacturing tolerances/fit, ergonomics. I can’t say enough about it. When I started to think I perhaps had truly lost it, I had no doubts that I’d replace it, which says something.

    Wait times are sort of an issue…I had almost purchased this several times, before then didn’t because who wants to make a purchase when you’re not sure when it will arrive? I finally did, and this was totally worth the wait – no question. I think I’d rather wait than see them let the quality slide even a small amount but that’s harder to believe until you’ve actually got one in your hand and can see the quality and design.

    You mentioned copies – while I was waiting, one of the major (and best) EDC gear companies launched a Kickstarter campaign and is now shipping a titanium flipper that’s a near-clone.* The competing design is more expensive, almost 2x, at $175 post Kickstarter pricing, so the TiRant v3 actually looks inexpensive by comparison. There may be a back story I don’t know and I’m not going to get all judge-y, but if I were Josh at Exceed Designs I think I’d feel quite ripped off. I’m still a fan of the other company and their products (I own a lot of their pens and tools), but it feels a little disappointing to see them introduce a near-copy of another company’s design.

    *Main differences: TiRant v3 has replaceable lockbar insert; choice of long or short clip; choice of plain, loop or pry-loop rear inserts; captive pivot; stonewash or black PVD finish with accessory scales (including carbon fiber) – so it’s very customizable. The Ti Utility Knife has a clip design that’s far easier to change, except that AFAIK there are currently no other clip options; has the flipper “lever” cleverly designed as an exposed corner of the blade holder; and is noticeably bigger, which may be a plus for some because the TiRant is so compact that it may feel small for some users.

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