TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit review

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Turbro Firepit 6

REVIEW – Portable smokeless fire pits have been on my radar for more than a year. A year ago, I kept seeing them as suggestions for Christmas gifts for that person who has everything. I’m usually slow to jump on the bandwagon, so I’ve been hanging back to see if these held the same appeal after the initial concept became popular. When they came up as top items this holiday season again, I started looking in earnest. And the TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit fits the bill for my family.

What is it?

The TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit is a portable stainless steel 19-inch fire pit with a removable ash pan and waterproof carrying case/storage bag.

What’s in the box?

  • TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit (includes flame ring, upper section, removable base plate, bottom section and ash pan, foldable legs)
  • Storage bag
  • User manual

Turbro Firepit 1

Hardware specs

  • Model: Pluto R19
  • Outer diameter: 19.2 in.
  • Inner diameter: 17.0 in.
  • Recommended firewood: Type 16″ firewood
  • Material: Dual layer 304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 11″H x 21″W x 21″D
  • Weight: 26.0 lbs.

Design and features

The TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit comes in four pieces, plus a carrying case. We verified that the case is waterproof after using it to store the fire pit outdoors on a drizzly night.

The strap is sturdy and heavy-duty.

Turbro Firepit 8

It’s not very heavy (26 pounds), and it’s certainly portable, making it perfect for bringing to a friend’s house, or campground, or stowing away for the season. However, since this is a large fire pit, it is bulky to carry, so you probably wouldn’t take this backpacking or want to carry it for long distances. And if you plan to transport it in the trunk of your compact car, check the dimensions first.

Turbro Firepit 7

Yet, on the flip side, because of its size, it’s a great fire pit for large groups, big families, and parties.


Setting up the TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit is very simple. You just put the four, nesting pieces together and fold out the legs.

First, you insert the removable base plate and snap it into place.

Turbro Firepit 3

Then you connect the upper and lower parts by lining them up at the marked arrows and turning until it locks into place.

Turbro Firepit 10

You then fold down the legs, and make sure to put the fire pit on stable ground.

Turbro Firepit 11

Turbro Firepit 2

Since we were using it right away, we didn’t immediately put the flame ring on top. (That’s the last step after building the fire.)


I thought this image from Turbro did a good job of showing how their firepit works with a cross-section of the interior.

Turbro Firepit 5

To use the fire ring, it’s suggested that you select dry hardwood that’s less than 16 inches long and less than 4 inches in diameter. The manual suggests kindling twigs or fire starters. We used rolled-up newspaper and a little lighter fluid with our firewood.

Once lit, you place the flame ring on top to provide protection from the wind.

Once we got the fire going, the TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit looked very cool. The flames and shiny stainless steel give this a sleek, modern feeling, and the flames just look really neat dancing around the holes along the sides.

Ours wasn’t completely smokeless on our first attempt, but much of that is our fault for using wet firewood, and it was also a windy day. Yet, I especially liked that the ash from the newspaper was kept contained by the flame ring, despite the weather. On the second attempt, it was actually smokeless, which was really cool. We used dry wood and it was a calm day, so I’m sure that played a big part.

To close it up, you wait until it’s completely cooled. Don’t extinguish your fire with water, because that could damage the fire pit.

Then you just reverse what you did to put it together; take off the flame ring, fold up the legs, unscrew the top/bottom pieces, and take out the base plate. If you dump the ashes and then wipe it down with a soft cloth, I’d imagine it says in much better shape for much longer than your standard firepit (especially if you keep it stored in its case).

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

Turbro Firepit 4

If you’re in the market for a large, portable fire pit, the TURBRO Pluto R19 smokeless fire pit is a solid option with a sleek appearance and handy case.

Price: $159.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Turbro.

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