Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster review – Is a $300 toaster better than your cheap one?

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REVIEW – Who likes perfectly toasted bread slathered in butter, jam, peanut butter, etc? If someone didn’t raise their hand to that question, you’re not human and I banish you! For those who did raise their hands, welcome to the toast club where today we’re going to check out the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster. What makes a toaster smart and is this insanely expensive toaster better than the one you bought from Walmart or Target for less than $20? Grab a loaf of bread, and your spread of choice, and let’s find out!

What is it?

The Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster is exactly what you think it is… it’s a toaster… that’s smart. My definition of smart may be different than Tineco’s definition though.

What’s in the box?

tineco toastyone 1

  • Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster
  • Crumb brush
  • Manual

Design and features

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If toasters could be described as sexy, the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster definitely fits that description. The white enameled case with chrome accents makes this bread-toasting appliance look clean and sleek.

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The first bummer of a toaster in this price range is the fact that the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster only has two slots. That’s fine if you live alone, but if you have another person or a whole family in your household, using this toaster will be similar to one family sharing one bathroom… people are going to fight over who gets to use it next.

tineco toastyone 12

The slots are wide enough to accommodate thicker bread or sliced bagels.

Toasters toast bread and that activity creates crumbs. My old-school non-smart toaster has the most annoying way ever to clean out all the collected crumbs, but the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster has a simple way to do this same task. It has a pop-out crumb drawer that is easily removable for lightning fast cleaning.

tineco toastyone 10

The Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster is a chunker of a toaster and that’s not a bad thing. It stays put on the counter with no sliding around due to its not skid feet. In the image above you can also see the toaster’s only physical button which is located under the 4-inch touch screen.

tineco toastyone 7

The touch screen is the toaster’s interface that you’ll use to customize your bread’s toastiness.

tineco toastyone 22

The Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster has smart and manual settings. The smart settings allow you to customize how dark you want each slice of bread to toast by using a simple slider using your finger.

tineco toastyone 21

The manual setting is similar but you can specify if you’re using fresh or frozen bread.

Let’s make some toast!

tineco toastyone 17

Although the Tineco TOASTY ONE Toaster is smart, it doesn’t require you to set up an account, connect to your WiFi, or install an app. All you have to do is turn it on by pressing the button under the display. You’ll be instructed to insert your bread which you can see that I’ve done above…

tineco toastyone 18

Then you can adjust the toast level of the left and right slots by sliding your finger across the touch screen. When you have your prefs set, you just press the start button…

tineco toastyone 16

The bread will lower into the toaster and toasting will begin. The onscreen status will show a percentage that counts up to 100%.

tineco toastyone 15

When both slots have finished toasting, the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster will ding a bell and the bread will automatically rise out of the slots like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Ok, that’s not a good metaphor for a toaster as we don’t really want ashes. But…..

tineco toastyone 14

Hmmmm, the darker slice turned out a lot darker than I would have expected compared to the setting that I selected for that slot… So just like non-smart toasters, you will need to figure out how the darkness levels on the screen really translate to real life. But once you do, you can favorite that setting by pressing a little heart icon.

Luckily my better half likes darker toast (but not really that dark). She took that one and my piece turned out exactly the way I like my toast which is slightly brown while still nice and soft inside. I hadn’t had real bread in a while because I mainly eat low carb/keto and wow, this toast tasted amazing. We used the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster every night until the loaf was gone. Once we figured out the sweet spot on the slider, it toasted bread perfectly. But then so does my old toaster. I also tested the TOASTY ONE with packaged wheat bread and it worked just as well. I even tested it with frozen bread.

See it in action

The 30-second video above shows the automatic lowering and raising of the toast. In this video, I’m toasting fresh frozen bread. I had purchased fresh bakery-made Italian bread from a local grocery, brought it home, sliced a couple of slices, and immediately placed them in the freezer where they remained for over a week until I did this test.  You will notice that the outside of the bread was very barely toasted. It did have a toasty-crisp texture. However, the interior of the bread wasn’t fully heated up. It was no longer frozen, but there were a few spots where it was still slightly cool.

What I like

  • Looks great on the counter
  • Automatic lowering and lifting mechanism
  • Waits until both sides are done before lifting both pieces of toast

What I’d change

  • The price. Ouch.
  • Needs more slots for the price

Final thoughts

tineco toastyone 11

In the image above, I show my old-school toaster that I’ve had for at least 20 years if not longer. It has 2 slots per side and each side has a selector dial to choose from 11 levels of toasting. You have to manually lower the bread with the levers and when the toasting cycle is completed, the toast will pop up. I think I paid less than $20 for this toaster all those years ago. Would I trade in my old toaster for the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster? I won’t say that the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster isn’t super cool, because it is. It is a quality appliance. But I don’t see a huge advantage over other non-smart toasters.

My old toaster has 4 slots, the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster has only 2 slots which can cause a problem if you have more than 2 people in your family and even if you just have 2 people and you each want 2 pieces of toast, you’ll be left waiting. My old toaster has plenty of toasting levels and the level is “saved” until someone changes it. With the Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster, you have to choose a favorited level or set it each time you use it. I just don’t think there are enough features to really justify the price of the Tineco. In a world where so many things are becoming smart, I think some things are just better left dumb… AKA simple.

Price: $339.00
Where to buy: Tineco and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Tineco.

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    Would you like to link your facebook or twitter account? Auto-Tweet on perfect toast?

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    Please agree to the following terms of service before each toast.

    Yes I’m being snarky

  3. Donald Schoengold

    Now if it was WiFi connected or even had a timer and WiFi so I could put my bread in before I went to sleep so I wake up to fresh warm toast – maybe I would buy it. Or better I might be able to control it w my cell phone so I can leave bread in it and start to toast it while I come home for lunch.

    Even better – make it better make it voice controlled – “Hey toaster. Toast 2 slices of toast with the left one lightly toasted and the right one dark”.

    There just isn’t enough real technology in the thing to make me want to buy it.

    1. I don’t think you’d want to leave bread in the slots for hours before toasting because they would get all dried out.
      I think they could justify the price IF the toaster had 4 slots, had cameras built in where you could see how toasted the bread is getting and adjust the darkness/timing in real-time. As is, you can only cancel the toasting session and start over. I’d also like to see a feature where you could specify that only one side of the slot is toasted. That way you could use it to toast buns.

  4. How smart is it ?
    Does it monitor the color of the bread with an optical sensor and stops when the browning reach the specified level or it just apply more or less heat according to the specified level in order to have different toasting for the same amount of time on both slots ?

  5. I noticed your lightly toasted piece of bread was not very evenly toasted. It is darker at the top along the edges and white in the middle and towards the bottom. I had the same problem with the expensive Wolf toaster I reviewed. Does no one know how to make a toaster that evenly toasts anymore????? Put all the technology and good looks on it, but if it does not toast evenly, then why do I want it?

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