Sharple is a veggie peeler that sharpens itself automagically!

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dreamfarm sharple 1

NEWS – Peeling the skins off potatoes, carrots, and other veggies doesn’t take that long when your handheld peeler is sharp but who the heck keeps their peelers sharp? It’s not there’s even a way to sharpen them right? Right… but wait… You could get the new Sharple from Dreamfarm. This vegetable peeler has a genius design. Every time you slide the safety cover open or closed, a special ceramic ball rolls over the blades and sharpens them. Get yours at for $9.95 (they aren’t shipping in bulk yet, but you can be notified when they do).

dreamfarm sharple 2

1 thought on “Sharple is a veggie peeler that sharpens itself automagically!”

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  2. on our peelers, way back when, mom would run the point of our knife steel between the two edges from the concave side then swipe the flats against the steel for an improved peeling experience

    our oldest peeler is probably 50 years old now and has only needed touch up a couple of times

    our new ones seem to never dull

    however if a person wants a hassle-free peeler this may be a way to get it

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