This mini ratchet accessory makes your Leatherman multi-tool even better!

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711l ratchet 1

NEWS – Here at The Gadgeteer, we love all things related to multi-tools, so I’m always on the lookout for new items that our readers might be interested in. Today I want to show you the 711L EDC Ratchet Wrench that I found while questing for new EDC gear to talk about. What’s cool about it? It’s a tiny add-on light-duty ratchet wrench for Leatherman multi-tools like the Leatherman Wave+, Charge, Skeletool, MUT, Surge, and Signal, that can accept proprietary flat screwdriver bits. The 711L EDC Ratchet Wrench is less than 2.5 inches long and features a 1/4 inch socket. It is priced at $26.99 on Amazon and comes with 9 bits.

711l ratchet 5

711l ratchet 3

711l ratchet 2

711l ratchet 4

6 thoughts on “This mini ratchet accessory makes your Leatherman multi-tool even better!”

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  2. Given that it’s just screwdriver bits, I think I prefer the Leatherman ratchet driver, which will work more like a straight screwdriver. (And works with both Leatherman’s bits, as well as standard bits.)

  3. i read their product description

    it warns that heavy use could cause the multitool to fail

    i have three or four of what appears to be identical ratchets and have ground one to fit my wave after seeing someone else mod theirs

    these are solid drivers for light use and i use them frequently

    however my modded driver let go in a rather spectacular fashion while turning an auger bit…the wave was unharmed

    this is a great idea and i may buy one before i sacrifice another
    ratchet to the experiment gods

    just be aware that the bit driver slot on most multitools are made to handle axial rotation not lateral

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