The Pizza Pack – a place to store your leftover pizza slices

pizza pack 1

NEWS – If you have leftover pizza, the Pizza Pack is the perfect place to put it.  It’s like a Tupperware container, but it’s expandable.  This allows the slices to be stacked on top of each other and thus efficiently uses space in the fridge.  It comes with five little trays to separate the slices, which can be used as plates when reheating in the microwave or the toaster oven.  The Pizza Pack is made of silicone and fits any slices up to 18 inches in size.  The Pizza Pack is $23 on the Cheese Chopper’s online store or $25 at Amazon.

pizza pack 2

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  2. Oh hey, this is by the people who made the Cheese Chopper? I helped back that on Kickstarter. I’ll have to check this out, though it does operate on the assumption that there are slices of pizza *leftover*… 😀

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