This on-demand water dispenser pulls water out of the air for “free”!

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NEWS – The Nu Water 30 atmospheric water generator is an interesting appliance that generates up to 8 gallons of water per day out of thin air! You don’t even need to call a plumber to install it, just plug it in and you can enjoy on-demand “free” clean drinking water.

You’re probably saying… “Julie, that’s a dehumidifier and I have one in my basement”. Yes, that’s basically what this is (I think), but it also has a built-in filter that makes sure the water is clean to drink without containing any fluoride or chlorine that can be in regular tap water.

The Nu Water 30 even has hot and cold dispensers that will provide on-demand water at 39F – 203F temps. Heck, that’s hot enough to brew tea without needing to zap it in the microwave.

So what’s the catch? There are three. First of all, there needs to be at least 35% humidity level where the Nu Water 30 water generator is located. The higher the humidity, the faster and more water it can generate. I’m guessing that this product might not work well in very dry locations like Arizona.

You’ll also need to change filters at least annually or depending on how many gallons of water you use per day. You’ll need to buy these filters directly from the Nu Image Solutions company.

And last but not least, there’s the price of the unit… The Nu Water 30 water generator is priced at $2295.00 on Amazon. Ouch! You can buy a lot of jugs of water for that price. But if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and have a ton of spare cash, the Nu Water 30 atmospheric water generator is an interesting device to consider.

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7 thoughts on “This on-demand water dispenser pulls water out of the air for “free”!”

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  2. Hm, so why not just use a dehumidifier + Brita for filtration and save 2000+ dollars? A little less convenient, but a whole lot cheaper.

  3. Using this will not decrease your carbon footprint! Dehumidifiers take a ton of power to run. It’s a very power-inefficient way to get water.

        1. If it’s a beach bungalow, why not go straight for a solar still desalination system? It’d be cheaper and likely more efficient. (Though you’d need a fairly big one, admittedly.)

    1. it is very efficient when the grid is down and the water company is out or poisoned. Use a small invert wityh panels to make water and stay alive.

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