Super73 expands their lineup with a Youth Series and very sleek C1X electric motorcycle

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SP73 01
NEWS – Originally scheduled for CES earlier this year, SUPER73 held their 2022 launch event on March 15th in LA. They’re known for big tire, electric versions of the Taco Mini Bikes that seemed to be everywhere in California back in the ’60s and ’70s. Initially launched on Kickstarter, and constantly updating and improving, this launch renewed their current line and expanded to include a model for small kids and one you’ll need a license to drive. Let’s take a look at all they’ve got going on.

The Updates

Prior to the event, SUPER73’s line was split into three including…
– the high end R-Series featuring full suspension bikes with max specifications
– the S-Series with both rigid and front suspension mid-range models
– and the lower cost Z-Series which are just as much fun to ride.

The event started with a full nightclub vibe, plenty of music and as everyone invited started to arrive, I think we eventually outnumbered the employees, but just barely. The place was decked out with lights, lasers and all the updates to the three series we’re all familiar with. There were two black tents hiding new products on podiums in front and to the left of the stage.

SP73 04

Wandering around the room there was plenty of electrified motorbike goodness to get lost in. For anyone unfamiliar, part of the charm of SUPER73 bikes is the customization and personalization that’s possible. Take these two Z-Series models you had to walk past to enter the room.

SP73 02

Elsewhere in the room there was a full wall of accessories including tires, handlebars, saddles, racks, molle panels for cavernous empty section in the frames and if you were paying attention, some small colorful accessories in the middle right along with tiny tires that didn’t match any of their current lineup.

SP73 03

A full line of apparel was deep in the shadows making it hard to really see color, but all the styling looked good and fit the overall theme.

SP73 09

There was also the new eFTR Hooligan 1.2 model that’s a collaboration with and only available at Indian Motorcycles dealers. The classic black and red scheme and the long comfy saddle just beg to be ridden.

SP73 08

Additionally there were the updated models peppered throughout the room, although you’d need to follow SUPER73 pretty closely to have known they were the 2022 models. That was more the nightclub atmosphere than it was the bikes themselves. Overall each series had updates to colors, tires, bars and seats. The Z-Miami had a lower seat for more compatibility, a new aluminum frame and more range.

SP73 05

By then, the countdown clock had appeared on the screen above the stage the crowd was ready as SUPER73’s CEO Legrand Crewse was introduced to walk us through the day’s updates. He moved along pretty quickly, almost as if there were other products he really wanted to reveal. And that he did, but bear with me a moment longer. Here’s the updates to the existing line.

The RX-Mojave with fully adjustable suspension…

SP73 14

The updated R-Brooklyn

SP73 19

The updated S2…SP73 15

And lastly the new Z-Series Miami.

SP73 16


At last we entered new territory where Legrand introduced the new Youth Series…

SP73 06

There was exactly one kid present who looked like he really wanted to throw a leg over one and take off. I’ll tell you though, if I was still that little I would probably have been in tears after being told I couldn’t touch them. But, let’s zoom in on the bike a bit.

SP73 10

These really are mini versions of the SUPER73s we know and love. They’re only missing two things; pedals, and a cooler name than Youth Series.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the small strider bikes where kids can learn to ride by Fred Flinstone-ing their way along. It’s an awesome thing to see the confidence that comes along with being able to put your feet down at any point. Well this is an electrified version of that concept. It’s aimed at ages 4-9, although I’d guess 4-7 is more accurate as they did look small. You can see the platforms in place of pedals for cruising once comfortable. Those can be swapped out for pegs later on for aggressive riders.

From the safety side and visual cues side of things they did something cool in color coding the right hand throttle bright red indicating that it does something more than just a grip you hold onto.

SP73 11

There’s a brake lever on the left side so no need to learn how to throttle and brake with the right hand. They also sell colored grips to swap out but those were matched sets blue/blue etc. which contradicts the visual safety message. Maybe they were thinking once you’re used to riding, it’s not needed? I’d imagine any kid with one of these would be constantly pestered by friends to try, so keeping that right grip red would be a good call. As for colors, they’ve got four bold ones, all with awesome gum-wall tires..

SP73 13

Well that announcement went over well because everyone was already salivating over the motorcycle we knew was coming. That’s when Legrand dropped the SUPER73-C1x.

SP73 07

Here’s a rotating podium video I grabbed a little later when things calmed down a bit.

It’s hard to tell from photos but it’s important to know this is a reduced size motorcycle (approximately 25% smaller than typical). Their website actually has a little interactive section that lets you adjust the slider for your height so you can get a reference point. Here’s the 6’3″ shadow-me looks like standing next to the C1X.

SP73 17

As for specs, they look something like this…
Top Speed: 75 mph
Range: 100 miles
Recharge time: 80% in 1 hour
Weight: ~300 lbs
Wheel size: 15″
Seat height: 31″
Price: Undisclosed

SP73 07

One key feature is that the motor is mounted on the swingarm right behind the pivot. That means that the chain is under constant, consistent tension regardless of swingarm movement. That means less moving parts, less wear and strain and no unexpected behavior.

SP73 12

It will be fully street legal meaning it has turn signals, headlight and will be going through all the necessary approval processes so specs and features could change. Two colors were teased, but lots could change before the bike launches which will be at least a full year out. If this has you twisting an imaginary throttle, you can reserve a spot in line now for just $73.

SP73 18

All in all, it was an eventful day with a lot of two-wheeled gadgetry to take in. All the information you need can be found on their website save for the teased Youth Series and C1X which each reveal only the info they have shared so far.

Where to reserve, buy or find out more:
Prices and availability:

  • Available now
  • SUPER73-RX Mojave – $3,695
  • SUPER73-R Brooklyn – $3,495
  • SUPER73-S2 – $2,995
  • SUPER73-Z Miami – $2,195
  • Reserve now
  • SUPER73-Youth – $100 to reserve ($995 early pricing for later this year)
  • SUPER73-C1X – $73 to reserve and stay updated

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