The ATAX is a multi-tool axe that you need for your EDC!

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NEWS – Bet you never thought you would want to add an axe to your EDC. But one look at the Tops Knives ATAX and you might change your mind. This is a hand axe with multi-tool superpowers. First of all, it’s small enough to put in a go-bag or backpack. It is made of 1095 carbon steel with a black linen Micarta handle and it comes with a Kydex sheath. Besides being an axe/knife that you can use to chop and cut, the ATAX also features a skinner, a wire cutter, a range finder, a compass, an inclinometer, a clock, a wrench, a hammer, a rescue tool, a survival kit holder, a bow-drill holder, an arrow launcher, and a field level. Whew! You can learn all about the ATAX on where it’s priced at $225. You can also find it for $150.99 on Amazon.

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21 thoughts on “The ATAX is a multi-tool axe that you need for your EDC!”

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  2. i played with one of these…think of it as a tactical ulu or a really fat knife
    it would be great for those woodcarving techniques that require choking up on an axe handle
    i couldn’t get over the hand placement…so i left it where i found it

          1. he’s absolutely right…though i would use paracord instead of vines

            one of the tools i regret giving away was a skatchet

            an axe head similar in shape to the atax but with a poll and a round eye

            the idea was you had a “knife” to whittle a helve that could then be screwed into the eye of the head

            it was cute and kinda worked

  3. I think the arresting officer would not believe it’s for camping. Brass knuckles are illegal in my state. This is brass knucks with a knife edge. SO, I want one !

    1. in the late 50s one of the neighbors had a trench knife his grandfather brought from france

      real or not, it was the thing eight year old kid’s dreams were made of

      i ended up with a rusty kabar that i bought with a months allowance and got a spanking and a tetanus shot after i cut myself trying to throw it

      they do make knockoffs of the real thing (which are worth a pretty penny) right down to the 1917 stamp

  4. GenericUsername101

    Please no one spend money on this… The axe would have no momentum because there isn’t a handle, and even if you were to make one it’s way too skinny to actually chop wood. It would just get stuck and you’d have to pull it out. No to mention if you use it as the picture demonstrates your hand would hit the back of the axe if you tried to chop anything.

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