Leatherman has a shiny new multi-tool called the Curl

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NEWS – Inspired and styled after Leatherman’s popular Wave Plus multi-tool, the new Leatherman Curl features a compact form factor, stainless steel construction, and 15 tools: Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Hard-wire Cutters, Wire Cutters, Wire Stripper, 420HC Knife, Large Bit Driver, Spring-action Scissors, Diamond-coated File, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Awl w/ Thread Loop, Ruler (8 in | 19 cm), Wood/Metal File, and a Medium Screwdriver.

The new Leatherman Curl gives you access to the knife blade without needing to unfold the tool. It also has a removable pocket clip for easy carry and it comes with a nylon sheath if you prefer the Batman look. If you’d like to add this multi-tool to your EDC, head over to Amazon where you can buy one for $79.95.


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5 thoughts on “Leatherman has a shiny new multi-tool called the Curl”

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  2. While the Curl seems like a wonderful addition to the Leatherman lineup, it may an indication that things are not going very well at Leatherman. I own the Surge, Wave and P4 Free and all the related accessories. I love them. However, after watching several reviews of the Curl, it does appear that the apparent failure of the Free series and cheap Asian knockoffs have had an effect on Leatherman. So, they are making cheaper and less durable tools than their prior made in USA products. I do hope I am wrong and Leatherman continues to thrive.
    At this price point, I would recommend moving up to the Wave + or the even better Surge. To me, durability is a key to a multitool. Because at this price point, you could buy a great set of pliers, knife, and screwdriver and have a lot of money left over. Clearly, the Curl is much smaller than the above tools, but look at its price point. To me the scissors are important if you include them in a multitool – I expect to see the Curl’s scissors to be too dainty for heavy use. Thus, I would recommend the Wave + or the much more rugged Surge. And, if you are going to get the Curl, you will want either the older Bit Driver Extender ($18) or the newer Ratchet Bit Driver ($30). And, as these added tools are essential to use the screwdriver in any practical sense, the Curl now is about $100. So, is this multitool worth that kind of investment. LOL, I will probably get one to add to my collection!

    1. David, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this new multi-tool. You offer some great buying advice! I love the look of all of Leatherman’s multi-tools but which one do I carry and use? The little bitty Squirt! Ha!

  3. I bought a Leatherman Wave, man, must be 20 years ago, keep meaning to buy another newer model, but this one just keeps lasting. So testament to their durability, at least the model I purchased, probably have it forever now or at least whatever forever is for me… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. I owned the was for a very long time and it has been a great tool. I just sent it back in to be fixed after the pliers started to get hard to open. I have looked at the wave plus but have not ordered it yet as the wave still holding up for so long. I have used it on everything I needed and never had a issues til now. Still love it and waiting til it gets back from repair.

  5. The Free series could have been great. Just imagine a wave+ but with the free opening style. Instead they gave it completely useless tools like a stubby sub inch ruler, just as small of a file, etc.

    Leatherman’s problem is that they fail to innovate these days. They just keep releasing the same old “anything with a flat tip is a screwdriver” stuff as if they’re still competing based on who can technically have the most functions. People do their research these days. I don’t need 4 tools where none of them are actually usable over 1 tool that works.

    I found this article cause i’ve been checking in over the years to see if they’d do a Free model akin to the wave+. but apparently that’s just too much to ask from leatherman. Guess i’ll have to look elsewhere.

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