Bosma EX Outdoor Camera review

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REVIEW – I have always been a very security-conscious person, and now that I have a new home I have cameras everywhere. I am always looking to see if there are any blind spots and if there is a camera that offers better resolution, clarity, and flexibility. Let me see if this Bosma EX Outdoor Camera will work for me.

What is it?

The Bosma EX Outdoor Camera provides a wide view with its 180° panning and 45° tilting capabilities. It features auto-tracking and Anti-theft Alert, and it utilizes Advanced Motion Detection and Person Detection to greatly reduce false alarms.

What’s in the box

1 x Bosma EX Outdoor Camera
I x USB-C cable and AC Adapter
1 x Drill bit
1 x Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1 x Mounting hardware Pack
1 x Installation Instructions/Quick Start Guide
1 x Installation Sticker
1 x Cable Clip

Design and features


The photos below show all the Bosma EX Outdoor Camera’s operational sides, including the lens and sensor on the front and the speaker on the opposite side. The base photos show the mounting slots and the USB power/charging port.
Bosma EX Outdoor Camera


The setup process for the Bosma EX Outdoor Camera is quite easy. Just download and install the IOS/Android app and then follow the instructions. In my case, I have to work via the “Test Flight” Beta app since, at the time of this test and review, the camera is still being beta tested. Once I was able to connect to the camera and add it to my network, I mounted it to an outside wall of my house as shown in the photo below.

Here are some random screenshots from the app that give an idea of some of the features of the Bosma EX Outdoor Camera:

The following is a still shot from the camera showing the quality of the images it produces:

The following is a 30-second video generated as a result of the Bosma EX Outdoor Camera’s audio detection feature. (It looks like it was the wind that made the tree branches hit the fence):

Bosma offers the following cloud subscriptions:

The following 2 screenshots show want the event recording screen looks like, and that you have the option to store the recordings in the cloud or locally on your device which is dependent on the available storage on your device:

This is a new release camera, and therefore I did not receive a detailed user manual. There are many additional features that include Family Management and Automation. Once the camera is officially released, I will update this review accordingly.

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The quality of the video
  • The pan and tilt capability
  • The responsiveness of the app
  • The two-way audio
  • The quick alerts
  • The color night vision
  • The built-in siren

What I’d change

  • So far so good!! It does all that I need it to do

Final thoughts

Over the past few years, I have tested several outdoor cameras with mixed results. Most of the cameras have left me feeling like something was missing. However, this Bosma EX Outdoor Camera is the closest to everything I want. I would love to add a Network Video Recorder for 24-hour recording on a large local hard drive, which would make it perfect. In the meantime, cloud recording will work. Well done and two thumbs up!!!

Price: TBA
Where to buy: For campaign signup and early pricing click here
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Bosma

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  2. I’m sure that the government in China likes the view, too.
    You KNOW that they are spying with those cameras, don’t you?

  3. I recently received my EX PRO and am almost helpless without a user manual. I have been unable to payback any videos of alerts. When I try and download the video to my phone I get the response that the video format is not supported on my Android phone. Internet email and chat support is useless so far. They don’t answer their phone and their email responses only request screen shots of the problem. When I send the screen shots they tell me they can’t read them. Just delay, after delay, after delay! I have been waiting over a week for them to tell me what a (-81005) Playback failed Unknown error message means. Worthless IMO! They didn’t even know the alarm would sound during a power failure, even if the camera was not moved.

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