This Zippo turns your campfire up to a 11

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zippo firefast bellows 3

NEWS – Today is the first day of summer which means camping and cookout adventures are in full swing. But there’s nothing worse than waiting for a campfire to get going strong enough to roast your weenies or marshmallows. Am I right? That’s where the Zippo Firefast Bellows comes in. This battery-powered blower will feed your campfire its favorite food. No, it’s not weenies. It’s oxygen. The Zippo Firefast Bellows has a fan built into its flame retardant nozzle. Just point it at the embers, press the button, and whoosh! The flames will be hopping. The Zippo Firefast Bellows is available on Amazon for $26.68. I wonder if it can double as a hairdryer… things that make me go hmmmm…

zippo firefast bellows 2

zippo firefast bellows 1

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