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KJ Desktop Small 1

ARTICLE – Desktop setups are usually personal, and mine is no exception. The driving undercurrent for my layout is threefold.

  1. Multiple monitors: I started using them at work, and now have it ingrained into my DNA. Left and Right screens, with the third screen of the laptop available as a tertiary workspace if needed. I grabbed the largest Costco monitors I could find that had height adjustment and would fit under the hutch.
  2. Surface: I started using Microsoft Surface devices at work, and the Surface Pro has been the sweet spot for an acceptable level of spec, and the right size/weight for portability. The Surface Dock is a simple magnetic connection that quickly links the tablet to its desktop configuration.
  3. Layout: The mouse is on the left side. I’m not actually left handed, but I had a mild shoulder injury in the 90s and realized that I could switch mouse hands with ease. Plus I can type faster with my right hand, so the division of labor works out nicely.

KJ Desktop Small 2

There is a nice charging station behind me – it stores a bunch of ancillary devices vertically to save space and hides an 8-port USB hub in the base. Hidden in its corner is a desk USB port for random quick charging (the Garmin bike computer gets recharged there).

KJ Desktop Small 3KJ Desktop Small 4

And the bump in the corner next to the is a hidden power strip – convenient when I need to pull out a CD-ROM drive, photo scanner, or other powered peripheral.


KJ Desktop Small 5

The Choetech wireless charger still sits under the monitor, ready to charge the watch or earbuds.

Of course, as soon as I finish typing this description I am going to take the paper and miscellaneous stacks of stuff off the floor and put them back on the desk. It’s a pleasure to see the desk this clean, but it’s certainly the ideal and not the norm. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Gadgeteer team’s work from home (WFH) setups – Kevin Judson”

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  2. Thanks for sharing Kevin.
    You just reminded me of a lifehacker article I used to enjoy where readers shared their office setups.
    I need to buy a large monitor but can’t find/afford one at the moment. I need a 27 inch one.

  3. The AC outlets and USB charging ports available on the desktop are excellent features. I am still dangling cords left and right, up and down.

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