Finally a portable monitor that meets all of your on-the-go needs!!

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – If you are like me, and you carry your laptop and/or tablet with you everywhere you go, then just like me, you are always looking for an opportunity to set up where you can and get to working on something. One of the challenges that I always face is having to squeeze the multiple screens that I want to view simultaneously all onto that small laptop screen.

Desklab is crowdfunding a new Ultralight Portable 15” 4K Touchscreen Monitor (available in 1080P or 4K), to solve the desktop space problem when on the go. It connects to just about everything including Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, etc.

Featuring 4K resolution, built-in speakers, universal compatibility, and device charging, Desklab is designed to be a great addition to your workflow process whether on the go, at your desk in the office, or gaming wherever and whenever you choose to. It also claims to be thinner and lighter than most other solutions.

This all-in-one portable monitor even promises to eliminate the need for cables and speakers.

Their Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $255,000 on a $5,112 goal. The funding period expires Saturday, December 28, 2019, at 11:57 AM EST. Earlybird pricing starts at $196 for the 1080P model and $325 for the 4K model.

If you are as interested and excited about this monitor as I am, you can visit their company page and check out their campaign on Kickstarter.

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14 thoughts on “Finally a portable monitor that meets all of your on-the-go needs!!”

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  2. I like your site, and kudos for the “Julie’s favorites” link, not only broadening opinions, but further personalizes. All cool and good. But for this article, I come to get a review and seems just a promotion. The things I was hoping to get a bit more information about: 1. Battery = how big, how good… how long does the charge last at full brightness for just the monitor? How does it do if you’re also hoping to add a full phone charge to the equation? Also, how long to charge it back up? 2. Fps = they mention 20ms, which is actually faster than 60 fps, but was hoping to see how this holds up under basic real-time inspection. But again, love your site, keep up the good work… I’ve now emerged from lurker status! Mike Luke

    1. Hey @Mike – this is just a Crowdfunding News post. We have Reviews as well as News, so the bold text at the beginning of the article will clue you in on what type article it’ll be. If it says “News” (or, in this case, “Crowdfunding News”) then we’ve probably not been sent a sample yet. Sometimes, we get pre-release prototypes or early review items from crowdfunding folks, but not always. Like me, Julian and others on this site also like to send in news articles about things we’d like to see reviewed, as well as just interesting things we think our readers will like.

  3. Hi Julian, did you realize you wrote an article on a fake company which is making a grand-scale scam? Please amend your article and warn your customers.

    1. Carlo you had me very worried.
      I received my 4K monitor today and can confirm that product is being shipped. I work in the UK financial sector and would lose my job if I was being fraudulent.
      The monitor is awesome. 4K and touchscreen only on the USB-C so only USB-C to USB-C or DisplayPort to USB-C will give 4K. All HDMI is 1080p which works fine.
      I was also blown away by the Samsung S8 DEX interface via USB-C. Touch and the full screen – amazing compared to the Apple HDMI interface.
      My work PC is locked down but the DisplayPort signal over USB-C/USB-C worked a treat and I now unexpectedly have touch screen on a non-touch screen setup.
      You had me very worried – I think there are long waits. I bought mine Via credit card and Facebook 20 April and it arrived 25 June. They estimated start of June shipping (I did get a shipping number on 6 June).

      1. One additional comment, I have now bought and tested a combination of high-end mini DisplayPort to USB-C bidirectional combinations and none can send video to the Desklab USB-C ports (most are for USB-C laptops feeding DisplayPort screens).
        If you have a Mini DisplayPort device you have to use HDMI with 1080p on the Desklab 4k monitor.
        Still loving the 4k over USB-C.

        PS. Would be great if Desklab could produce and sell a specialist mini-DisplayPort to USB-C cable that works with Desklab as I would be a buyer (you have to buy a DisplayPort to USB-C and a separate DisplayPort to mini Displayport cable and something doesn’t work on multiple combinations).

        1. After further testing the DELOCK 63928 cable worked with my Surface 6 and the Desklab USB-C port providing 4k from my Surface. This cable is “the opposite way around” designed to support a USB-C monitor (I used a Displayport to MiniDisplayport cable with it). You need to disconnect the Desklab from all other monitors and power cycle the Desklab by removing and connecting any power cables to make it recognise this.
          If you want HDMI in 4K apparently the Startech HD2DP in conjunction with the DELOCK 63928 will pass video to the screen (have a look at it if you need it). Hope this helps everyone.

    2. Likewise, my DeskLab arrived and works flawlessly. Overall screen quality is quite good along with the rest of fit and finish. Now need to work with cabling to get my non-touchscreen Lenovo X1 Carbon to recognize the the touchscreen inputs.

  4. I received the desklab monitor. It is nice, However, it does not have stand contrary to the picture on this page. FAQ, indicates that unless I have USB-c I cannot take advantage of the touch screen. Moreover, The touchscreen monitor will not work with mini HDMI input. It might not with mobile devices. I can buy special lightning-to HDMI adapter for Apple tablets. Basically, it is useless unless you computer has USB-c. I was excited to get the monitor and looking forward to using the touchscreen. But it is now a very expensive “regular” monitor. I would send it back if I can get refund.

  5. I’m with Ron, unimpressed. My advice, go with a reputable company! Three issues I have experienced:

    1) Product was delivered 3 months after order (2 months longer than the original commitment)

    2) The product arrived damaged, the screen is scratched and bubbled. Desklab has ignored my attempts to arrange a return of the product.

    3) The device is also not universally compatible as advertised. My iOS device (iPhone 11 Pro) will not connect, reading the manual it explains you need to buy another connector to enable this. The whole premise and advertised positioning is that, “Adapters, cables, and converters are costly and take up valuable space. Desklab is universally compatible with all devices so you will never have to worry about accessibility”. If this isn’t false advertising I don’t know what is!

  6. By the way… I did hook up to my Lenovo X1 Carbon gen 4 laptop via the HDMI to HDMI Mini video cable and USB-A to USB-C cable to port touch screen data. The touchscreen functionality works perfectly.

  7. DO NOT BUY! They sent me a cracked unit and are now totally avoiding my request for a replacement or my money back. KEEP YOUR MONEY!


    I ordered two, one was to be a gift. Shipping was delayed by many months. One arrived damaged and after many attempts to contact the company, they will not replace because they assume it had been used – it never was. Also, all the accessories you see DO NOT come with the monitor and must be purchased separately.

    It is advertised as mobile phone compatible and light weight. It is neither! I have a Samsung S9 and it does not work.

    Save your money! Save your time!

  9. I purchased one of the devices in April. It finally arrived in July. It did not come with all of the advertised components. Customer service was a joke and they say NO RETURNS/NO REFUNDS because it was a pre-order. What sort of company will not stand by their product? I strongly advise you to avoid Desklab and instead find a monitor from a reputable company. I don’t see how anyone can recommend a product with a no return or refund policy. If you would like to amend your article to highlight these issues, I’d be happy to share the threaded exchange I have had with Desklab.

  10. I ordered one in June of this year and have been given the runaround. I was sad to discover that on their Instagram page some are asking about their orders from SIX MONTHS before mine. I have written several times and been given two different tracking numbers that appear to be bogus. No shipping company has any record of them.
    SAVE YOUR MONEY. I spent nearly $450 and now I guess it was for nothing! Very disappointed musician here who couldn’t afford to lose $450

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