Cold Brew On Tap 2.0 makes made-by-you cold brew super easy

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NEWS – Cold brew coffee on tap, yes, please! The Cold Brew On Tap 2.0 lets you brew a weeks worth (8 to 12 cups) of fresh cold brew coffee all at once. And it not only brews the coffee it also stores and serves it.

Less mess, less work

You make the coffee in the compact two-liter brewing jar using a drop in fine mesh filter. All you need is ground coffee, water, and patience (brewing time is at least 12 hours).  Then you can store and serve it straight from the fridge. 

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The coffee will stay fresh for up to two weeks thanks to a rust-free lid that seals in all that cold brewed goodness.

An adjustable stainless steel spigot makes serving easy. The spigot even has a mesh filter built-in to keep any stray grinds from getting into your cup.

With summer coming up fresh cold brew coffee straight from the fridge sounds pretty good to me.

The Cold Brew On Tap 2.0 is $49.95 and available from The Grommet.

3 thoughts on “Cold Brew On Tap 2.0 makes made-by-you cold brew super easy”

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  2. “This product is a joke. I was sure that because it was a 2.0 it would actually function as designed. The mesh filter came off as I was pouring water in the jar the first time. The spout leaked right out of the box. I had to use a wrench to tighten it to where it wasn’t pouring out and only a slow drip. I was afraid to tighten anymore in fear I would break the glass. We have it sitting on a washcloth in the fridge so the drips get absorbed by that. I am currently looking for another product to replace this. I do not expect a refund or even a response. These people stole our money and gave us a jar with a hole in it. I hope this along with other comments prevents others from buying this product. I plan to leave the same comment on their Amazon page where they are selling this for $50.” Don’t take my word for it, read all the bad reviews and comments on their Kickstarter page. There are hundreds and hundreds of them. Definitely worth your time to read before purchasing.

    1. Thanks for the warning. In the meantime, I like the Takeya pitcher I have. It’s short, not as high capacity, but you can easily add water, put the grounds in the filter, screw that on to the cap, then give it a good shake and put in the fridge. Works great, easy, quick. My one downside to it would be that dumping the grounds requires a bit of tapping (I don’t like just dumping them down the drain if I can avoid it). Still have to rinse the filter after that to totally clean. But that’s a small downside. It works really well otherwise and is my go-to because of the size and ease.

  3. I was a Kickstarter baker. The product was oversold and under delivered in its quality. The filter busted almost immediately. There is no customer service. They don’t respond to emails. The company is a fly by night scam. Avoid this product.

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