GEESAA Your Home Barista pour over brewer system

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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve not only picked up a coffee habit, but I’ve started understanding the differences in types of brewing methods, beans and how a good barista can take a decent cup of coffee to greatness. That’s why I got pretty excited to see the GEESAA – Your Home Barista announce it is starting a KickStarter.

What is it?

This Taiwan based business has brought together a coffee maker system that heats the water to a specific temperature, has a rotating base for the carafe as well as a swing arm dispenser for the hot water that mimics the swirling motion of your barista pouring hot water over the grounds to create your favorite beverage. It is compatible with a smartphone app that is preloaded with recipes from professional baristas but will also allow you to create your recipes.


Why do I like it?

I love that all you have to do is simply select your recipe, put your grounds in the top of the carafe and then let the machine do it’s magic. As an avid coffee drinker, I love the complex coffees and this product lets me have this coffee that I would normally have to go to a shop for or learn how to make myself. The fact it has an app for my phone preloaded with recipes is an added bonus.

Where can I find more info?

The actual KickStarter won’t begin until April, but at this time you can go to the GEESAA – Your Home Brew website and delve into the information they have available. I’m looking forward to seeing how this Kickstarter goes and possibly picking up one of these units myself, as pour overs have become our favorite methods for making a fresh cup. The price point is still unknown, but if you sign up for their e-mail notification you’ll get a $50 discount on the KickStarter.

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