The Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit is a tasty way to DIY

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NEWS – I LOVE hot sauce and have always wanted to try making my own, but the process seemed like an arduous one. Finding a recipe, then shopping for all those hard to find ingredients you don’t have on hand.

The Grow and Make Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit takes all the guesswork out of making your very own hot sauce. Each kit comes with all the spices and dried peppers you need to get started.

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All you need to shop for is a few fresh ingredients.

The kit even includes bottles to store your finished product in.

Now you’re ready to get cooking.

You can choose to follow the easy step-by-step recipe, or you can get creative and customize your sauce by making it spicier or sweeter.

With this kit, experimentation is encouraged.

The Make Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit includes labels, instruction booklet, gloves, funnel, powder sanitizer, and hot sauce ingredients.

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The kit is available in two different types, the Artisan 3-sauce kit with three 5-ounce bottles ($29.95) and the Deluxe 6-sauce kit with six 5-ounce bottles ($39.95). Each can be purchased from The Grommet.

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